BET Bans Nicki Minaj's "Stupid Hoe" Video

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Wanna watch the official music video for Nicki Minaj's latest track, "Stupid Hoe?" You better scroll down and press Play.

Because you won't find it on BET.

That network has banned the video, sources confirm to TMZ, and although no statement has been released regarding the decision, it's clearly based on the explicit nature of both the video (which features Minaj dancing in a cage and wearing a thong, along with other nearly-naked women and a monkey) and the lyrics themselves.

Which repeat the words "stupid hoe" about 10 times per chorus.

Check out the controversial video now and then vote in our poll.

Should BET ban this video?


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What a stupid song !! What a stupid video !! ....I hope this was a big joke...because it sucks.


I agree with Desmond & Cajun Dude. This is soooooo wrong to make this type of music/video. BET & every other other network & of course Youtube should band this video. Where is the family/individual moral values at????? This is a DISGRACE to all women/child. As a side note; I can't wait for her 15 min of fame is OVER!!!!!!! She wants to be a female Lil Wayne???? Really???? She really need to get her head examine like YESTERDAY!!!!!!!!!


I cannot understand the need to establish a persona that is so self-degrading as this video. Once upon a time, music and song involved singing and musicianship. That is no longer the case. Its as sad as when I go down the street and see nail parlors and "grill" shops to adorn your teeth with fake orthodontics. A particular code that is always used is to misspell the store name by adding a few "Z"s here and there. (e.g. NAILZ, GRILLZ and so on)
I don't know if its called keeping it real, street cred, or something else. Stupid Hoe??? When you're older and think back to songs of your youth, are you going to be humming that crap to yourselves?


I dont think its as bad as it seems. Its a stupid song and video but nomore stupid than the rest of this music everyone else makes. If you ban hers i can think of alot of other stuff to ban (like some of the commercials on tv).


Nicki Minaj Stupid Hoe Video Banned from BET official statement here


I could not stand the flashing! Why so much flashing? It's like being around a strobe light watching that video.


That is the most stupid song and video i've ever heard and seen! The whole thing is just sick.


That was a joke... right?


Ironically I saw this video on MTV this morning. I don't find it any more degrading than similiar songs. Of course you shouldn't let kids watch it. However, my son knows every word to every Lil Wayne song. Don't kid yourself teens will find a way and their friends could possibly be worse.


Thats a stupid song....y waste ur time n money on a stupid ho?????lol...ban burn bury it...