Ben Flajnik on Kacie Boguskie Ouster: Tough Call!

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Ben Flajnik sent fan favorite Kacie Boguskie packing on Monday's hometown dates episode of The Bachelor, the third-to-last installment of the ABC show's season.

In a surprise, Courtney Robertson, Nicki Sterling and Lindzi Cox all moved on (see The Bachelor spoilers for scoop on the next two weeks) while Kacie was left in tears.

In his weekly blog on People, Ben reflects on his travels to Clarksville, Tenn., Kacie's hometown, and the turning point when the romance began to go downhill fast.

"The day portion of our date went swimmingly as usual, but as Kacie started to talk about her dad, I got nervous," Ben writes. "I started to think he wouldn't approve of me being so different than a man he would normally want his daughter to date."

"The evening was difficult for me. Kacie's family was really nice and welcoming, but every time I had a conversation with one of her family members, I felt like I was disappointing them. Kacie was raised with more traditional values than I was."

"I felt like that would get between us in regards to her family. I thought about it so much that it started getting in the way of my feelings growing stronger for her."

"It was disheartening. Parents' approval and permission is really important to me and I didn't feel like I got that from her family, though they were kind and warm."

"This was the most difficult rose ceremony to date. It is so cliché to say, but they get harder as time goes on. My decision to send Kacie home wasn't an easy one."

"I still had feelings for her, but I did make a promise to her father that if I didn't see it going much further, I would end it sooner than later to not hurt her as much."

"The last thing I wanted to do was hurt Kacie, but ultimately it was the right decision, as hard as it was. Man, this has been a roller coaster."

How will it end? Put another way, will he get off the wild ride before he makes the mistake he seems determined to make? All we can do is stay tuned.


As Kacie watches the show and sees just how superficial "nice guy" Ben is, she may be glad her parents rescued her from him. Kacie is articulate, intelligent, sensible, pretty and radiantly attractive. She has moral depth and substance. In other words, she's way too good for Ben. She's lost Ben but several million viewers have come to love and admire her. That should count for something. I hope Kacie will use her disappointment as an opportunity to learn empathy and compassion for others who are suffering, e.g., for the millions of Americans who have had their jobs, their homes and their savings taken from them, and the millions around the world who have lost everything because of natural disasters or war-making governments like (bleep). For once, I'd like to see a bachelor or bachelorette who cares about the real world, the world that is falling apart all around us. Is that too much to ask?

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