Ben Flajnik on Courtney Robertson: Such Strong Feelings!

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In a new blog post, Ben Flajnik details how his feelings for Courtney Robertson are strong, despite things the other women on The Bachelor have said about her.

Try as they might, as we saw on last night's episode, Courtney's rivals have failed in their efforts to paint Courtney in a negative light. At least in Ben's eyes.

Flajnik writes in his weekly People blog that while The Bachelor "may not have been the best environment" for Robertson (ya think?), their connection is for real.


Ben Flajnik With Courtney Robertson

Of Courtney Robertson, Ben writes, "Here I was, amongst the clouds, with such an amazing woman. I'd never felt so close to my father and to my happiness."

"To share this moment with Courtney was an exciting experience, and I knew if we moved forward that we would always be able to share this moment."

"That evening, however, things got a little strange. It's a tough thing, I understand, for the women to find a fine line between getting along with the other women and realizing it's difficult to be friends with people dating the people you are dating."

"I've been there, and it's tough. I know it's been hard for Courtney, and to be honest, I'm not sure this was the best environment for her. But, just as I tell the women to take our relationships individually, I try to do the same."

"My feelings for Courtney are strong and I don't want to let external forces get in the way.  As the rose ceremony approached, I had a lot going through my head."

"All the women told me about their reservations regarding Courtney; I had to think about what I was missing, or if this was all just the nature of the women living together."

"It's amazing to see how deeply the women felt about their dislike for Courtney, and it's equally amazing not to see any of that coming through in her actions with me."

"It was a lot to consider, but my conversation with Courtney at the rose ceremony reaffirmed that I have to focus on the way she is when she's with me."

"I see what some of the women were talking about, but I still feel great about Courtney because when I'm with her, I feel really connected to her."

There you have it. She's on to the final four, and possibly beyond (see The Bachelor spoilers for the scoop, we think, on how the season plays out).

Love her or hate her, there's never been a Bachelor hopeful like Courtney.

Is she just a victim of editing and relentless cattiness/jealousy? Or does she deserve all the criticism she's gotten by virtue of her own behavior/quotes?

You tell us: Courtney Robertson ...


please tell me who finally won bachelor ladies?


i want to know who finally won tell me bachelor choice 4 four ladies


So Courtney is not everyone's favorite-- not mine either, but Ben likes her so thats' his business.
I can't judge what is best for either of them. What's evident is, she is very unkind. Her rude comments about the other girls is one example. By not accepting Emily's apology speaks volumes of her. Hopefully when she gets mad a Ben she will grow mature enough to realize any relationship that works has to include lots of forgiveness.
So, Courtney, if you are acting this way just to enhance your modeling, I feel very sad for you. I think you will grow to regret your actions because you have made many enemies from the other contestants and the former fans of this show.
I am so disappointed in this season. My least favorite of all of them.


I wish I didnt do a sneak peak on who he picks and its all playing out that its Courtney. Wonder what he thinks of her when he sees the re-run. It seems on the show the more the person is disliked, the more the other is drawn to them. There hasnt been to many marriages that come out of the show.


I like Courtney and feel as if she is getting a bad rap. What's wrong with going after something you want? If she was a man would people judge her in the same way ...I think not! People are intimidated by a strong woman and that's sad. People need to stop judging and take into consideration that what we are watching is a production,not the real life order of events. If Ben and Courtney are happy then good for them. Best of luck to you both, I hope the bad publicity does not affect your relationship, if it's real.


Courtney is a really weird person so she's perfect for Ben. He said he's looking for someone a bit weird. I was hoping he pick Kasey B. She my fav since day one, but the way he acts I hope for Kasey's sake he picks Courtney. I actually never liked Ben since he was on After the Final Rose. The way he talked to and acted towards Ashley on that show was very rude. I get that he was hurt, but thats no way to a lady. every episode now I see that he's weird. I hope he picks Courtney. She a prefect woman for him.


I lost all respect for Ben when he went skinny dipping with Courtney. If he chooses her for his wife then he deserves what he gets. The other girls have tried to warn him and Courtney even said in last nights episode that she had lost the "spark" for him. She is such a drama queen and I agree she needs to be on some kind of medicine. She is not only phsyco but truly a scary woman. I would be afraid to be in the same room with her. Ben better use the head on top of his body and listen to what the other ladies are trying to warn him of. I am close to not watching any more episodes.

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