Ben Flajnik on Courtney Robertson: Such Strong Feelings!

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In a new blog post, Ben Flajnik details how his feelings for Courtney Robertson are strong, despite things the other women on The Bachelor have said about her.

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    Courtney is almost like one of those psycho killers on a scary movie. The way she talks, the gestures she makes, etc. she is very scary to me. If he picks her, then it is what he deserves, because all the other girls have warned him.


    I had total respect for Ben in the beginning, but skinny dipping with Courtney was down right disrespectful, not only to himself but the other girls on the show. I really thought he was much smarter than that! How insensitive can he be!


    As a man I'd think one of the considerations of choosing a bride is "would this be the woman I'd want to bring home to meet my mom?"

    If his answer is "yes, I'd bring a woman home to my mom who willing to take her clothes off in front of millions of people to "win", then he deserves what he get. However,I must say I'd like to offer my sympathies to you for your son bringing home such an unbalanced, crazy woman only interested in


    Ben is a complete idiot. Smart like a fox, but an insensitive manipulative guy who is being out manipulated by the bitch. Sad show


    I have to agree in part with what "Kay" says. I think Ben can be a bit abrasive and may be not so nice in reality....maybe a bit 'controlling' if he doesn't get his way? Certainly he was not graceful in defeat with Ashley. Have you looked at his face when he is sending someone home, not at all embarrassed or sad for them, just a straight look in the eye with a "I'm sorry ..." and a tight mouth.
    If he chooses Courtney, I'll give it a month. KacieB is the obvious choice.


    I thought Ben was a smart, classy guy, but now I know I'm mistaken.
    He gets what he deserves.


    i just heard on the radio this morning that Ben picked the looser courtney!seriously? this show is one big joke. its great that the rest of the girls were not picked (coz they sure are one real classy women than the little miss winner courtney)


    Trudy, ya , her method (Courtney's) is to basically scare the shit out of him constantly and keep him off balance, threatening to leave, the spark is gone, I didn't get a one on one. Yadayada. I have to admit I've peeked at a few of the episodes even though she grosses me right out. It almost a weird compulsion like wanting to keep smelling milk when you know it's sour. Truly she is disgusting- weird lip thing, baby talk, narcissistic, dumb...


    Note to Bachelor producers: if you want the show to go in a bad direction keep picking loser Bachelor/Bachelorettes. Seriously, after this show, I don't know if you'll attract any serious/good people. I mean obviously some people are just in it for the 15 minutes of fame thing, like Courtney. Ben was a weak choice- so disappointing too, after I heard him play the piano, I thought he'd be a cooler guy. I'd seriously reconsider the Bachelorette choice you've got (Emily) - people want something new.


    hope he has one hell of a pepnup cause she will take him to the cleaners.

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