Ben Flajnik: Cheating on Bachelor Fiancee?

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Everyone is just assuming Courtney Robertson wins The Bachelor.

Heck, Us Weekly's new cover story blatantly states that Ben Flajnik proposed to the model - a claim that we won't find out for sure until Monday, March 12.

The Bachelor spoilers have a lot to say on that very subject, but because they have been wrong before, you have to treat this as what it is: Pure speculation.

Not that it's hard to believe. According to Us, Flajnik gets down on one knee on the season finale, but has since soured on his final rose recipient/fiancee.

Ben Flajnik Us Cover

The celebrity news magazine claims that:

  • Ben was "caught" with three girls in one weekend ... which likely means he was hanging out with other women and photographed with them. Seeing that Ben's unable to go near Courtney (or Lindzi Cox), that's not a shock.
  • He's embarrassed by Courtney Robertson (that part we can believe, given that he's gotten to watch the entire season of The Bachelor along with us).
  • Courtney cries on the Women Tell All special (that too).

Us' new issue, out today, will surely reveal more vague, unsourced details of his alleged transgressions, but until then, tell us: Who you THINK he SHOULD pick?

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Courtney IMO has higher ambitions than hanging out in a grape farm and having little Bens and sinking into obscurity. She has tasted the huge volume of attention she inspired by being such an immature and spoiled vixen on the show. "Adios Ben...winning!"


Ben, is a total idiot, thinking with the wrong brain. This relationship will not last, he proposed to her again. I have no respect for him, he hurt Lindzi who was very nice,but he deserves Courtney. After watching the way Courtney treated the other girls you think the idiot would of been able to see what a b---- she is, worst bachelor ever.


A few months ago, when Ben was not chosen by Ashley, he went on a date with Jennifer Love Hewitt. He did not continue to date her, as he said that he was not into dating a "Hollywood" type. He also said, when the producers asked him what type of woman he wanted to be the bachelorettes he said "no models." Well, he got the Hollywood type, and a model. This is all about superficiality. Let's see how long they last...


The us weekly report has to be true. They have him kissing her in a suit on top of a mountain with a rose clearly on the table. Unless she had just kissed him as soon as she walked up to him. The shot is taken clearly from the air or a higher elevation


The rest of my comment that didnt fit: Then the security told us it was time to move on. We were like REALLY!! We were in their presence less than 30 seconds and NO ONE was in line. Too funny! We found out later some people came up there for the wine signing and were dissapointed that Ben and his partner left early so they didnt get a bottle signed. So they didnt even stay until the advertised time. Nice event!!!!!!!


We saw him at Kroger in Bloomfield Two, Mi for a "wine sampling" and bottle signing he and his wine partner did and we were not impressed either. First, there was NO wine open to sample. There was only one brand and type if wine available and it wasn't Envolve which is the brand therpy were supposed to be promoting. He wouldn't allow anyone to take pictures with him...come on Ben you aren't that big of a celebrity. In fact, there was NO ONE in line when we arrived so it is not as if he didnt have time. Then there were a bunch of security standing around and no one was telling us where to go or how to get an autograph. Then when we went up to the table they barely said one word to us! They didn't tell us about their wine or even ACT excited to be there or be promoting their wine. If we wouldn't have drawn a few words out of them they wouldn't of spoke to us at all. The pouty drepressing baby you see on tv is the same guy we saw in person.


Bens a whimp.., he deserves Courtney. Saw him at Krogers in Novi and I'm not impressed. Lindzi cox.., find a real man and real love.., this guy just likes loose women


How could Courtney be crying at the "women tell all". She won't even be on that show because she's one of the finalist. I think Ben was thinking well in the beginning but if he picks Courtney, his life will be a mess!!! He's going for the body and not the brain......


I'm pretty sure he picks Lindzi in the finale, because if he picked Courtney, he wouldn't be "cheating". He was all up her butt and was obviously smitten with her Courtney to mess it up. I hope he chooses Courtney. They deserved eachother. Plus, they look like The Beauty and the Beast.