Ben Flajnik and Bachelor Fiancee: It's Already Over?

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Ben Flajnik may have gotten engaged on The Bachelor season finale, but it's already over, according to a new tabloid report. Read on for the alleged details.

If The Bachelor spoilers regarding the winner of this season are true, that's not entirely shocking. Follow the link to see who his fiancee reportedly is/was.

“They’ve totally cooled off,” a source tells Life & Style magazine. “They often go five to six days without talking. He doesn’t call her, he doesn’t text."

"She keeps saying, ‘What kind of a fiance is this?’”

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Ben isn’t acting like he’s engaged, either. According to the report, in January, Ben flirted with a bunch of girls attending the Sundance Film Festival.

“I saw him give his number to a brunette at a party, and it definitely looked like they said, ‘See you later’ when she left,” a source says. “Ben was so flirty.”

On February 2, he told a girl she should never partake in a reality dating show. Never a positive sign, but then again, have you seen this season?!

Then, on February 4 in NYC, someone spotted Ben Flajnik flirting with a girl on the street ... and allegedly quasi-spilled the beans about his relationship.

“He got her contact info and was even joking that he can’t kiss anyone or hook up with anyone until March, when the finale airs,” says the onlooker.

So basically, if this intel is accurate, he's had a total change of heart and is running out the clock. Wonder if his perception changed since watching her on TV.

Ben may dump his fiancee - it's either Kacie Boguskie, Nicki Sterling, Lindzi Cox or the black widow, Courtney Robertson - soon, the magazine says.

“She knows he’s running around New York with other girls and he's over her; he's not even calling her,” says a source. “She thinks he’s a coward."

"She just wishes he’d end it already - otherwise maybe she’ll do it herself.”

Set your watch for an hour after the After the Final Rose special ...


I used to love this show. The producers should be ASHAMED of themselves...allowing all this TRASH. It's NOT BELIEVABLE. I knew Courtney was a "PLANT" in the show ever since she turned PSHYCO. THIS JUST DOESN'T HAPPEN! Again, NOT BELIEVABLE...and, most of all...disappointing. MAKE IT BELIEVABLE.....or STOP WASTING OUR TIME!!!


I read the spoiler and know Ben picks Courtney. All of you that feel sorry for Ben, get real, he isn't thinking with his brain. Like a lot of young men, he is letting his(hormones) think for him. So he will reap what he sows. As for Courtney she is a few sandwiches shy of a Picnic. She will also reap what she sows. Meaning if they want a lasting relationship (which I don't believe for a minute they do)they are going about it the wrong way. Shame on ABC for giving us this crap to watch. I know I don't have to watch, but they could at least put someone on that as more sense than Ben seems to have. It's so obvious what he is after. Need I say more!!!!!!!!!!!


Love love Courtney she knows how to seduce a man!! she is there to win love to watch her!! she is superb!!!Smart ...Gorgeous, a real woman and these ladies are Jealous !!! she has everything a man can wish for!!! love you girl !!!


I love Courtney! She knows what is important, the guy! Who cares if girls are mean to each other, the other girls were mean to her too! The others were too uptight! Courtney Man


Everyone knows by now, if you heard about the spoiler, that he picks that obnoxious Courtney......Dear God, is this guy Ben that naive,WOWWWWWWW....he finally wakes up one day and realizes that she's NOT THE ONE....This show should be going off the air's getting more and more ridiculous every season.....she was only in it for the fame.....and the weird faces this chic makes, gets me ill.....i still can't believe that she's a model....ugh....she is totally homily....not that he's anything to look at either....he had such sweet, normal woman to choose from.....Woww what a weirdo.....hopefully, he will end up shallow.....that's what he gets.......ENOUGH ALREADY>>>>>>>>GROW THE HELL UP BEN>>>>>>YOUR A TOTAL FREAK>>>>>>>>


I was so looking forward to this season because I genuinly thought ben (spelled with a small b) was a nice guy, but its clear from his final 4 he is only in it for money or fame, all 4 of them are polar oposites, I mean really, a cow girl, a tennessee primadonna, a model, and niki??? none of them have anything in common, he doesn't know what he wants, however I honestly think he just picks the model, hoping for his own fame, I really liked him on Ashleys season and sooo wanted her to pick him, now I see Ashley was the smart one to pick JP, wow was I wrong!


I already know he picked Courtney~I read the spoiler! 1st of all the looks like the dude on the Geico commercial's a neanderthall. Not good looking at all! He is not ready to seattle down from what I can see...Looks like he had the hots for Lindsey & Kasey B~It looked like from the show's I've seen. Courtney will dump him like a hot cake~She's all about being on camera :)


I agree with Shelley!


im so happy he dumped her im so happy for u ben good job u go boy.......


DKW why would you even come on here and talk smack about Emily like that? You don't know what the circumstances of her pregnancy or marriage were so how can you say things like that? You should be ashamed of yourself. That is all!

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