Ben Flajnik and Bachelor Fiancee: It's Already Over?

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Ben Flajnik may have gotten engaged on The Bachelor season finale, but it's already over, according to a new tabloid report. Read on for the alleged details.

If The Bachelor spoilers regarding the winner of this season are true, that's not entirely shocking. Follow the link to see who his fiancee reportedly is/was.

“They’ve totally cooled off,” a source tells Life & Style magazine. “They often go five to six days without talking. He doesn’t call her, he doesn’t text."

"She keeps saying, ‘What kind of a fiance is this?’”

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Ben isn’t acting like he’s engaged, either. According to the report, in January, Ben flirted with a bunch of girls attending the Sundance Film Festival.

“I saw him give his number to a brunette at a party, and it definitely looked like they said, ‘See you later’ when she left,” a source says. “Ben was so flirty.”

On February 2, he told a girl she should never partake in a reality dating show. Never a positive sign, but then again, have you seen this season?!

Then, on February 4 in NYC, someone spotted Ben Flajnik flirting with a girl on the street ... and allegedly quasi-spilled the beans about his relationship.

“He got her contact info and was even joking that he can’t kiss anyone or hook up with anyone until March, when the finale airs,” says the onlooker.

So basically, if this intel is accurate, he's had a total change of heart and is running out the clock. Wonder if his perception changed since watching her on TV.

Ben may dump his fiancee - it's either Kacie Boguskie, Nicki Sterling, Lindzi Cox or the black widow, Courtney Robertson - soon, the magazine says.

“She knows he’s running around New York with other girls and he's over her; he's not even calling her,” says a source. “She thinks he’s a coward."

"She just wishes he’d end it already - otherwise maybe she’ll do it herself.”

Set your watch for an hour after the After the Final Rose special ...


Courtney w/ her baby talk voice is just annoying & a real witch to put it nicely. Ben is a real jerk for not seeing through her. The couples never last on these shows anyway so what difference does it make who the heck he picks? Get a haricut Ben. You look like such a slob


I agree with most of the comments. Ben is a jackass. Everyone can see that Courtney is only there for the publicity. She is a terrible actress. Ben gave up the girl who was truly into him - Stacie.


Take my advice Ben..marry
Bacon. These girls have too much going for them to be married to you! I hope they see the light.


I just read that he picks courtney, come on are you serious right now!! everyone knows it won't last they are not compatable, he could have been really happy! He screwd up, I'm sure he will figure that out real quick!!


Courtney has got to go she has a rich boyfriend that's the reason why & also rachel should leave? Kacie B & lindzie C should be in the bottom two cause that way they meet his parents? Come on Ben get your facts straight & also get a better haircut you'd be a lot hotter :)


So cute Ben. and so dumb. ugh.


I CANNOT stand Courtney......I love Ben tho. She is the only one that he should not pick. Any of the other three, but not Courtney. I thought he had more senses than he is showing on the show now.


I love Courtney! Those women being so jealous of her made her react the way she has. They make sure she knows that she isn't liked and she reacts the only way she can....More sure of herself!!


sorry to say but Ben is a dumb but for letting go of Linzy cox she is a pretty girl who came on the show for Ben and only Ben Courtney is a lying person who came on the show to improve her modeling career and i feel sorry for Ben but hey maybe hell realize that he just got slapped in the face by Courtney ,Courtney is seeing another guy of the show and she also threaten to ripe off Emily's head Ben beliefs everything that came out of Courtney's mouth Ben wake up from your stubbed dream and come to reality stop ackting like a little kid and be a man


I can't stand Courtney! The moment she spoke in the show you could tell the type of person she is: greedy, and there for publicity. I would rather watch the kardashians for five days straight than listen to her talk in her creepy baby voice for two seconds!

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