Ben Flajnik and Bachelor Fiancee: It's Already Over?

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Ben Flajnik may have gotten engaged on The Bachelor season finale, but it's already over, according to a new tabloid report. Read on for the alleged details.

If The Bachelor spoilers regarding the winner of this season are true, that's not entirely shocking. Follow the link to see who his fiancee reportedly is/was.

“They’ve totally cooled off,” a source tells Life & Style magazine. “They often go five to six days without talking. He doesn’t call her, he doesn’t text."

"She keeps saying, ‘What kind of a fiance is this?’”

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Ben isn’t acting like he’s engaged, either. According to the report, in January, Ben flirted with a bunch of girls attending the Sundance Film Festival.

“I saw him give his number to a brunette at a party, and it definitely looked like they said, ‘See you later’ when she left,” a source says. “Ben was so flirty.”

On February 2, he told a girl she should never partake in a reality dating show. Never a positive sign, but then again, have you seen this season?!

Then, on February 4 in NYC, someone spotted Ben Flajnik flirting with a girl on the street ... and allegedly quasi-spilled the beans about his relationship.

“He got her contact info and was even joking that he can’t kiss anyone or hook up with anyone until March, when the finale airs,” says the onlooker.

So basically, if this intel is accurate, he's had a total change of heart and is running out the clock. Wonder if his perception changed since watching her on TV.

Ben may dump his fiancee - it's either Kacie Boguskie, Nicki Sterling, Lindzi Cox or the black widow, Courtney Robertson - soon, the magazine says.

“She knows he’s running around New York with other girls and he's over her; he's not even calling her,” says a source. “She thinks he’s a coward."

"She just wishes he’d end it already - otherwise maybe she’ll do it herself.”

Set your watch for an hour after the After the Final Rose special ...


Yeah, I agree the hair has to go, its too messy and doesn't do his face a favour. Talking of going, so does Courtney need to go, but seeing as I think he will choose her, its just for a bit of fun and a quick roll in the hay - she seems free enough with it. Then when this whole shenanigan is over, he'll find himself a "nice" girl. Shouldn't have let Kaci go, but your parents did that in for you Kacie. Too bad. Courtney is not wife material, but Kaci may have been. Good luck to the other girls.


Two low IQ shallow people who deserve what they get. All the intelligent nice women were rejected by Ben....because he is not intelligent and nice.


Ok speaking of duh???? Janie Martin and Landen Keyhan where in World to u possibly come up with Courtney being anyone but the bafoon she appears to be?? The woman has mental issue of some kind that she needs to be on psychotic drugs of some kind!! Get real to anyone who could cheer for her! If that's who Ben chose then it's NO wonder why they're apart already!! Couldn't be with that woman for a minute!!


Ben is not good looking, hair sucks,he deserves Courtney ...both a re a-holes !!!


I am so disappointed that he did not give Kacie a rose. He based his decision on her parents and because the other girls told him they loved him. He's weak and desperate. He really liked Kacie and he let those things be the deciding factor in his choice.Man, did he make a big mistake.


This guy is a total dud. On what planet is his hair-do attractive. He plays the dead father card just to get laid...what a douce he is.


This guy isn't interesting to watch at all. This show would have been a complete snooze ville if it wasn't for Courtney. I don't like the girl either, nor am I surprised there are rumors they've already broken up, but, I mean, come on. It's Ben. I wasn't really expecting a true love miracle on this season. He was obviously only on there to see hott chicks bare their chests for him. I mean, what was his comment on the Puerto Rico beads the ladies were wearing? "I was glad to see Courtney get into the authenticity! I wish the other girls had done the same!" Pig. Bring on some new people! I'm tired of seeing the losers from past seasons! Didn't like Ben in Ashley's season and I sure as heck don't like him now. New people!


If Ben is thinking with his "other head" and picks Courtney, then he deserves what he gets. I like what Gusto said about Courtney appearing in an episode of Snapped. When he let Kacie go last night, she was my favorite, I'm thinking the last one standing will be that bitch Courtney who is just using the show to further her "modeling" career. By now we've all figured out that the Bachelor show is not about happily ever after.


I fully expect courtney to appear in an episode of "snapped" down the line, yikers ben.


he didn't pick the sweetest girl: Kacie beussue her father doesn't drink & her mother doesn't like couples shackin' up before marriage. He made such a stupid comment to Chris Harrison saying something like you have to shack up bebfore marriage to get to know each other. Excuse me????? In the days when couples did not shack up first marriage didn't have a 50% divore rate. My husband & I have been married for 20 yrs & didn't shack up first. Perhaps he should stop & think a little more about that stupid statement. He's a real jackass is for sure.

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