Ben Flajnik and Bachelor Fiancee: It's Already Over?

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Ben Flajnik may have gotten engaged on The Bachelor season finale, but it's already over, according to a new tabloid report. Read on for the alleged details.

If The Bachelor spoilers regarding the winner of this season are true, that's not entirely shocking. Follow the link to see who his fiancee reportedly is/was.

“They’ve totally cooled off,” a source tells Life & Style magazine. “They often go five to six days without talking. He doesn’t call her, he doesn’t text."

"She keeps saying, ‘What kind of a fiance is this?’”

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Ben isn’t acting like he’s engaged, either. According to the report, in January, Ben flirted with a bunch of girls attending the Sundance Film Festival.

“I saw him give his number to a brunette at a party, and it definitely looked like they said, ‘See you later’ when she left,” a source says. “Ben was so flirty.”

On February 2, he told a girl she should never partake in a reality dating show. Never a positive sign, but then again, have you seen this season?!

Then, on February 4 in NYC, someone spotted Ben Flajnik flirting with a girl on the street ... and allegedly quasi-spilled the beans about his relationship.

“He got her contact info and was even joking that he can’t kiss anyone or hook up with anyone until March, when the finale airs,” says the onlooker.

So basically, if this intel is accurate, he's had a total change of heart and is running out the clock. Wonder if his perception changed since watching her on TV.

Ben may dump his fiancee - it's either Kacie Boguskie, Nicki Sterling, Lindzi Cox or the black widow, Courtney Robertson - soon, the magazine says.

“She knows he’s running around New York with other girls and he's over her; he's not even calling her,” says a source. “She thinks he’s a coward."

"She just wishes he’d end it already - otherwise maybe she’ll do it herself.”

Set your watch for an hour after the After the Final Rose special ...


I also read the spoiler alerts and knew he picked courtney. this is the first time i watched the show because i liked ben from the last season. not anymore. I think he is more shallow and fame seeking then courtney is. i didn't like her but almost feel sorry for her being engaged to this loser. i used to think he was cute but give him a black hat to wear and suspenders and let him drive a buggy through Lancaster in the Amish country and he will fit right in.


He appeared to have a good head on his shoulders throughout the season, problem was that in the end, he wasn't thinking with the right head> Anybody with 1/2 a brain could see from a mile away that she was clearly the wrong choice for him! so yes, he deserves whatever he gets for being so blind and so unkind to Lindzi. She was obviously the better choice for ANYBODY in that situation with those 2 left as the final choice!! Courtney is a slime ball and obviously so is he. It's exhausting to watch these men season after season make the wrong choice> If only they could hear us yelling at the TV!!!


AMEN!! He deserved exactly what he got. He's pretty dense to be fall for her BS. He doesn't seem like the sharpest knife in the drawer anyway.


All I can say is all the girls need to consider themselves lucky Ben sent them home! He deserves Courtney!!!


im not watching ever again.i loved kassie b.honest sincere cute as a button but once again.......... not sure about those men.


I don't know what these girls see in this guy he's not good looking at all and my fav Kacie B. deserves a real man I wish her the best & I'm sure Kacie B. will find someone way better looking that sweeps her off het feet. Thank goodness Ashley chose JP (now that's a real man & extremely HOT) I always thought Ben was a nice guy but I guess I was WRONG...oh well there's better men out there even Courtney said it herself that "he's not the only guy in world" oops I hope that doesn't hurt Ben.


Yes, Ben is a total dud and deserves what he gets. The skinny dipping went way too far. He is not looking for a wife. Can't the shows producers see that they are turning viewers off. I feel like they are jerking us around. I don't know if I will watch any more seasons.


He does pick Courtney and he gets what he deserves. She is wickedly evil in every way. She almost acts like she has a personality disorder. The feltless expressions on her face are so contrived. Interestingly enough, we all see her wickedness, Ben must see it as well. If he chose that over the better options you know he is just milking it for the attention. And yes...he desperately needs a hair cut. What geek would wear their hair that way and actually go on public television looking that way. An idiot would and does. And honestly, a model thinks she is in love with him. Lord have mercy!


Yep, he probably picked Courtney and for her it was all a game. It was just a contest for her. He thought with the wrong head to have picked her. Not only that, she will dump his sorry a@@ and then what? Yea, if these couples make it to the first year together it is probably a miracle. Reality show love? Maybe it could work for the right people, but for Ben, he just seemed to choose the wrong girl. Casey B would have been a good choice. I felt so bad for her last night when she was leaving in the limo and crying her little heart out and cussing. I wish I could just tell her, "He is not worth it......she deserves someone so much better than Ben. It seems like he did this show for the money because someone said the gossip is that he is publicly flirting with other girls and trying to hook up with someone else.


Yea, everyone thinks he is thinking with the wrong head. He will regret it because Courtney will not stay with him. For her, it just seemed like a contest. Hey, I can get this guy no matter how mean I am to all you girls. Casey B seems very sweet. Her parents just did not want to see her moving all the way out to California and getting her heart broken and Ben seems like a real player. Casey grew up in a nice family with good morals and values. She deserves better than Ben and I am sure she will find someone. She is still young and very pretty!

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