Basketball Wives Season 4 Cast: No Actual Wives, Plenty of Scandalous Nut Jobs!

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Apparently people watch Basketball Wives.

VH1's erroneously named franchise keeps coming back, with a fourth (!) season getting the green light and already underway for an hour every Monday night.

Who's starring this year? These nut jobs:

Basketball Wives Season 4 Cast

Here's a brief rundown of the "roster" and what we can expect in a season that promises to up the drama like never before ... eat your hearts out, Real Housewives.

1. Shaunie O'Neal, ex-wife of future Hall of Famer Shaquille O'Neal.

VH1's bio: "Shaunie's goal with her series was to shed light on the complex lives of the women who stand beside these larger-than-life professional athletes."

"She's here to show that it's not all glitz and glamour ... [She] is Queen Bee to the rest of the Basketball Wives, who swarm to her for advice and guidance."

That is beyond sad. This is her fourth season on the program.

2. Evelyn Lozada, ex-fiancee of Antione Walker, current fiancee of Chad Ochocinco (an NFL player, not a basketball star, and soon to be Chad Johnson again).

VH1: "She is highly regarded as a fashionista ... Evelyn is photographed not just because of ex-fiance's game, but because of her own impressive 'shoe game.'"

Whatever. Like Shaunie, she is an original cast member.

3. Royce Reed, mother of Dwight Howard's son.

"Royce Reed is a firecracker, a strong-minded, driven woman who is no stranger to confrontation," VH1 says of this returning full-time cast member.

4. Suzie Ketcham, ex-girlfriend of NBA bust Michael Olowokondi.

"Suzie knows the ins and outs of the 'game' and is extremely protective and loyal to her friends. If she senses that one of her ladies is being attacked, she'll be the first girl on the scene ready to have their back," VH1 says of this no-name.

5. Jennifer Williams, ex-wife of Eric Williams.

"Her mercurial relationship with Eric shows the unique challenges and hard work it takes to be the wife of a professional basketball player," VH1 teases.

6. Tami Roman, ex-wife of Kenny Anderson.

A cast member since Season 2, "Tami has a string of acting credits under her belt and currently pays the bills with her day job as a financial executive."

7. Kenya Bell, estranged wife of Charlie Bell.

The former Miss Michigan USA and first-time cast member is "an instant lightning rod for controversy within the group." She's also "opinionated." Okay.

She allegedly stabbed her then-husband Charlie Bell with a box cutter in front of their two young children. Kenya blame VH1 for casting her? Sorry.

8. Kesha Nichols, former fiancee of Richard Jefferson.

Kesha Nicole Nichols and Kenya Bell are the two newbies this season, with the former ready "to speak her mind now that she is in the bright lights of the big city."

Jefferson famously flaked last-second on his wedding to Nichols, leaving her standing at the altar in 2009. Yes, the NBA star was a runaway groom.


Chad told evelyn from day one he was not going 2 change because of her she was just 2 quick 2 jump the gun an it back fired on her.I knew from day one it was not going 2 work.The first thing I thought about when I heard the news about the fight y did she run that time,she is known 4 getting out of her shoes an using them 4 a weapon why didn't she use her weapon then.


I think this reality show shows our real color that's y our black men call us bitches an whores now,we are so independent but we don't have any class about ourself the only one that have any class is jennifer


I think that this reality shows our real color,that's y our black men call us bi


I think the show really shows our true color an that's why our black men call us bitches an whites now because some of us are so ind


All yall are silly, it's tv you dumb bitches, not saying who's right or wrong, none of us were there, we see snips not the entire events. So maybe one should quit focusing and basing there lives off of a tv show. Ya'll talk a lot about Eve & Tam, you must like something you can't keep there names out your mouth. If you don't like it do what millions do, don't watch. Get your own lives and stop trying to live in theirs!


i want to say that evelen keeps it real like Tammy to i like both they are my type of good straight up persons the rest are just HATERS AND MORE HATERS AND THEY ARE HOES we all know thta.....


My grandaughter was watching this show and it was the one where tami was takeing the other girls purse and acting like a bully. That woman is just low class. Her mouth is worse than a sailor. Omg what a trashy person. We ALL felt so bad for the victim and how bad she was crying. Tami needs to get off televison and just go away. I pray my grandaughters never turn out so bad as that so called woman


First of all, yes Evelyn is pathetic, and is an embarrassment to her family, number two, Tami's big ass aint tryin to fight no one, her big mouth runs but i bet if someone stepped to her she wouldn't be so big. I know if she woulda took my purse like she did Keisha, I woulda pounded her ass into the concrete and she woulda been crawlin around pickin her teeth up off the ground. Suzie aint shit but a gossipin ho. The only decent one on there to me is Royce.


shocked at the behavior of overgrown women. Royce is the only one who has the guts to tell someone when they are wrong and suzy is the dog that carries the bones.


wow, i just watched a marathon episode with this reality show. i am amazed at this dialogue and behavior. Well it is entertainment because am in shock with women with such wealth act so immaturely. but i like the compassion provided by Evelyn then Tammi acted so inappropriately about being talked about behind her back and taking the purse. Just WOW

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