Ashley Hebert on Courtney Robertson: Can't Figure Out That Wedding Vow Thief!

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Former Bachelorette star Ashley Hebert, who famously rejected Ben Flajnik, is trying to give Courtney Robertson the benefit of the doubt. She really is.

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    pllz coutney is selfish insecure bitch/slut meanwhile ashley is smart and gorgeous. Ben and courtney belong together cuz they both dont know to get a life. Ashley and jp are a true couple! so :) 4 them.


    I believe Ben is not that great of a guy. Personality wise I don't care for him and his looks well he is not good looking at all. I think Lindzi should be happy and grateful that she is not engaged to him she is by far one of the best looking girls has lots of personality. As for Courteney she is but ugly and her personality sucks I perceive her to be a total fake.


    I haven't been watching because i CAN'T stand Ashley. She is really gross. Acts like a typical Mainer. Also,As homely as a stump fence and sooo pushy.


    I like your take on Ben and Courtney, Ashley. I honestly don't know if I can watch the rest of the season and if Ben proposes to Courtney...and it's looking pretty likely, I will just - well, embarrassingly enough, I think I'll be upset.
    I thought Ben was a real guy...not one to fall for the crap that Courtney has pulled, but he's as shallow as she is. I saw that when he tweeted, from the Sundance Film Festival, saying it was 'cray cray' there. Puleeaaazzzzeeeee!


    For those of you who dont see the beauty in Ashley, listen up. What you think doesnt mean anything to anyone beside yourself. JP feels she is the queen of is life, and that matters. He is the one who will be possibly living with her for the rest of their lives.

    Your comments will die within this comment section. Their relationship will live as long as they choose regardless of your comments.


    Courtney is only so-so, Ashley is downright homely, and Ben is the least attractive Bachelor ever! Lindzi is by far the best looking girl on that show. Ben will be doing her a huge favor by not picking her...


    I thought Courtney was really pretty on the first episode...then she talked! Her personality makes her one of the ugliest people ever! I CANNOT stand that stupid baby voice she uses! And the annoying habit she does with her mouth! It makes me cringe!
    And for the person who said Ashley is "so so," I wont lie, the first time I saw Ashley I thought, oh shes alright, but once you see her personality, she becomes absolutely beautiful! Looks arent everything! And there are several people that I meet that I dont find attractive, but if they have an amazing personality its hard not to become attracted to them! I feel sorry for the person who said that, because they will probably live a miserable, loveless life because they are too shallow to look past physical beauty!


    Courtney is UGLY, Ashley is soooo beautiful..and i bet shes thinking God everyday that she didnt pick Ben.. Hes soo stupid and is clearly only think with his dick.. Team Cupcake 4ever


    Ashley is just jealous because Courtney is GORGEOUS and she's just "so so".

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