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Maisie Williams Infiltrates Comic Con in Hilarious Spider-Man Costume!

Maisie Williams had a brieliant plan for Comic Con. The Game of Thrones star rocked a Spider-Man mask to move about the crowd unnoticed.

Husband Snaps Maternity-Like Photos with Beer Belly, Is Hilarious Genius

This man snapped photos of his beer belly for a few fake maternity shots. Check out the amazingly hilarious images now.

Goat Tries to Help Fellow Goat Out of Hole, Makes Matters Much Worse

This goat is trying hard to help his fellow goat. But he's failing miserably.

11 Beyonce Pics Poorly Photoshopped Over This Girl's Ex-Boyfriend: Best Breakup Ever?

Cassandra Blackwel has an interesting strategy for getting over her ex. She photoshopped Beyonce over all his photos!


Es la peor foto de los dos..........que grotesco y asqueroso ¿me parece que quiere insultar a la prensa?


Pathetic!!!!!That looks really good! No class, what so ever!!!


did she really do that on the red carpet... seriously? ! Pretty gross, not provocative....i already knew what giraffe legs look like LOL


HAHAHA to funny


Mhmm it was to much for I love the dress but not on her am sorry am not a fan of hers and her movies !


LOL!! Love it! Wonder how many people don't read the article or see "Photoshopped" and just see the pic and think it's real? To many I would guess. I can't stop laughing! She might as well have done this pose? Ha! Brilliant should win a "Photoshop" award!