And the Oscar For Best Photoshop Goes to ...

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... the creator of this hilariousness.

Angelina Jolie has a message for those of you saying she looks too skinny: Mess with me at your own peril. Look. Do you really want to step to a woman capable of this kind of intimidation and posturing? No, we didn't think so.

And you thought Angelina's single-leg pose was bad ...

Angelina Jolie Spreads 'Em
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Es la peor foto de los dos..........que grotesco y asqueroso ¿me parece que quiere insultar a la prensa?


Pathetic!!!!!That looks really good! No class, what so ever!!!


did she really do that on the red carpet... seriously? ! Pretty gross, not provocative....i already knew what giraffe legs look like LOL


HAHAHA to funny


Mhmm it was to much for I love the dress but not on her am sorry am not a fan of hers and her movies !


LOL!! Love it! Wonder how many people don't read the article or see "Photoshopped" and just see the pic and think it's real? To many I would guess. I can't stop laughing! She might as well have done this pose? Ha! Brilliant should win a "Photoshop" award!

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