Amy Winehouse Death Investigation to Be Reopened?

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Amy Winehouse's life had more than its share of controversy. In death, she is no different, as the coroner's inquest into her demise is coming under scrutiny.

British officials are currently investigating the coroner in charge of conducting the singer's medical examination and whether he was unqualified for the job.

There's a chance the investigation into Amy's cause of death could be reopened as a result. Not a strong chance, but a possibility. The reason being?

RIP Amy Winehouse

Coroner Suzanne Greenaway declared Amy Winehouse's cause of death a "misadventure" or unintended consequence of accidental alcohol poisoning.

The judgment was accepted and everything seemed to have been done by the books. However, Greenaway resigned from her job shortly thereafter.

It emerged that she failed to meet the standards required for coroner appointments: she logged just two-and-a-half of the necessary five years required.

While coroners are also expected to be "qualified medical practitioners," Greenaway's history of being simply a nurse in her native Australia also fell short.

She was appointed to the role by (yes) her husband, Inner North London Coroner Dr. Andrew Scott Reid, who has since apologized for his oversight.

While her declarations could potentially be declared illegal and need to be reopened by a more qualified professional, that is not a mandatory occurrence.

It would only occur if someone decided to challenge the verdicts in court, which does not seem likely from Amy's family, but can't be ruled out yet.

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The problem with later generations is the music reaches narrow minded listeners with fabricated music with digital samples. To say Amy was the best or most talented is extremely debatable and most unfavorable. To die from Alcohol Over Dose only has to tell you the people around here did not give a damn about her habits or the person behind the glass. May she R.I.P. none the less. Just another front line star taken too soon. The demons won this one.


Every time I hear "Our day will come" it brightens up my day, and I feel better about everything. Thank you Amy.


the most talented singer/song-writter of our generation hands down!


She was a talented singer may her soul rest in peace!!!!