American Idol Audition of the Night: Reed Grimm, Elise Testone, Haley Johnson, Eben Franckewitz

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For the second consecutive night, American Idol delivered a two-hour episode on Thursday, testing the patience of even the most loyal viewers.

That's A LOT of Ryan Seacrest.

But the quartet of Reed Grimm, Elise Testone, Haley Johnson and Eben Franckewitz made it worthwhile this time around, making like the Rat Pack for a rendition of "The Night Has a Thousand Eyes." Our favorite part by far? Eben trying to dance, with an emphasis on the word trying.

Each member of the group advanced to the final 40, earning a standing ovation for this performance. Check it out now:


funny story today my teacher just told me Reed Grimm is her college buddy she texted him congradulated him in everything and it was beyond awsome i just wanna say congrats to reed and i deffinetly hope he gos far and far with this show


I'm soooo glad they all made it!!!!!!!!!!!! love all but I think Eben is in a tie for first with Reed.


"Night Has a Thousand Eyes" was excellent as well as the group Deandre B. is in.
Also, D. Jackson should NOT have been eliminated, he was great!




Wow! Haven't been watching this season so far, but this kid Reed Grimm is awfully good!

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