Amber Portwood Enters Rehab, Avoids Jail

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Amber Portwood was close to going to jail yesterday, but copped a plea that allows the Teen Mom train wreck to enter a rehab program rather than do hard time.

An Indiana judge agreed to a deal that allows Portwood to enter rehab instead of jail, where she could have been sentenced up to five years for various offenses.

Amber's woes stem from a December 2011 arrest for drug possession, a class D felony, and probation violation. She previously pleaded guilty to all charges.

Amber Portwood Mug Shot

The plea deal does not afford Amber Portwood a chance to make good and get her act together, but it does not offer the 22-year-old an immediate, no-strings out.

She has been locked up since December and could spend two more weeks in custody, during which time an evaluation by the Drug Court team will be conducted.

Once accepted into the rehabilitation program, Amber will be released from jail and admitted into rehab. She'll be expected to complete it and stay clean, or else.

Portwood arrived in court wearing an orange-and-white striped jumpsuit, shackled at the hands and feet, to hear the judge's approval of her rehab plea deal.

Let's see you top that, Jenelle Evans.


Maci seems to be the only young lady that has any social skills and seems to be a wonderful and hands on mother. The others seem immature, selfish and spoiled. They also seem to want the Grandparents to pick up the slack. Farrah is a spoiled princess, Jenelle is a total loser, and Amber needs to be in jail and lose her parental rights. I can absolutely make these accusations and feel that I can make these statements as I was a teen parent myself. Grow up you selfish brats!!!


Deadbeat mother


I guess I'm a little behind... I didn't even know she was using drugs! What was she on!?


Im a waitress at a restaurant in Hollywood Florida where Farrah lives. I waited in her 2 weeks ago and she is the rudest nastiest pos I've ever met. She was so mean to her date too!!


I also do not understand how these girls (and guys!) are getting off so easy. If you want to say that she is a celebrity, then maybe you should take a look in the mirror and realize that this girl was nothing before, and more than likely be nothing after. This is reality television, not a show that has won an emmy. Though Teen Mom does show both sides (the good and bad with kids), I was a teen mom myself, and never in my wildest dreams would ever acts like this, especially if all my drama was broadcasted on tv. The way she is reflects on how she was raised, poorly. I feel bad for her daughter because she is not going to see what "normal" is like, and will be raised by others. I do not feel sorry for her, baby daddy or anyone else really who appears on these shows. Maybe she will get her life in check or maybe she will be like the other girl said, like Lindsay FAME MIGHT HAVE GIVEN YOU A GLANCE AT WHAT YOU THINK FAME IS, BUT OBVIOUSLY SHE HAS ANOTHER THING COMING.


For those of you who have no sympathy for those teen moms, read this. I am 67 years old. I was a teen mom. My baby was taken from me because in those days it was a disgrace to be an "unwed mother,"as they called us. I too went through a crazy period as well because I felt so old. I didn't belong anymore. Not with my
schoolmates and certainly not with adults. I went to juvenile hall for being incorrigible. One day, I decided to do something with my life. Went to college, grad with honors and became mentor for those young girls whose only crime was falling in love with someone. I think if I had had some TV show to exploit me like Amber, Jenelle, Leah and a few others for a few dollars and 15 minutes of fame, I might have ended up in rehab as well. To the Ambers, Jenells and Leahs of the world, you are somebody.


I don't understand how the judge can allow her to enter rehab, it's a total cop out in my opinion. you do the crime you do the time . Rehab is not going to help her recover, she should be put in jail and sit in her cell for as long as possible to really understand that what she did was horrible. Has no one learned from Lindsay Lohan?

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