Alleged New Casey Anthony Video: She's So Happy!

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The strange, unexplained Casey Anthony video diaries surfaced last month, offering a glimpse into the life of the secretive, acquitted child murder suspect.

Now, in a new video allegedly seen by Radar Online, Anthony's opening up more about finding things she likes to do, her changing looks, her dog, and so on.

Daughter Caylee Anthony is never mentioned.

Casey Anthony Video Diary Pic

"I'm starting to make some changes, some really good changes for me, for myself," Casey Anthony allegedly says in the video dated November 6, 2011.

"I'm starting to figure out the things that I like, that I want."

At one point, Casey actually makes a reference to someone she frequently spends time with, saying, "I spent an amazing weekend with (edited out)."

"It's good to be back. It's good to be home. It's good to be with my Smooch." That's her dog's name, in case you didn't figure it out already. Smooch.

Casey can't help but express how happy she is right now.

"I'm just really starting to feel good about things. It's about time," she says. "I'm really starting to like the way things are going and where they're are going.

"I'm just happy. I'm really happy."

The video appears to have been shot in the same location as the first video, but her hair is red and she's wearing a different style of glasses.

We cannot WAIT to get a hold of this riveting video.


I hope she rots in He** she deserves to be back in jail for what she did.


I'll need more syrup. Anything I can do to help.


@reed...please include that gigantic asshole Lars in your plan with the fire ants.


She's a stupid bitch. Wy does she NEVER mention her child? Is it just because she's an idoit? Hopefully, someone will find her and make her pay for all of the things she did. She deserved death, instead she got freedom. What a fantastic system we have huh?

@ mmswhook

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Such a waste of space. She makes me ill.


@Cate- I could go with that. Then! Then we will go with my idea!


Reed, I too wish I could spend some time with this confused and innocent young lady. :( :( :( But I would recommend therapy along the lines as Alex received (Malcolm McDowell) in Clockwork Orange. But instead of making her view films full of violence I would have her strapped to a chair, with EYES held OPEN WIDE and forced to watch herself throughout all the jail house tapes over and over again and the recordings of her lies and have to listen to the prosecution's case all over again and then have to listen to what the majority of the SANE public feels about her. I would also make her listen and watch family videos of Caylee until she simply could not take anymore. I would then make her explain herself to her father and her brother and her mother would also have to watch.


The real question here is: How long does one stare at a "train wreck" before it's finally.....ENOUGH!


Thanks for the encouraging news about exciting, enchanting, exquisite super-celebrity Casey Anthony. Her fans & followers never lose faith in her.


of course she is happy - slut killed her kid and got away with it. she is thrilled to have her imaginary friends and her trailer park lifesyle back.