Alex Morgan: Nude in Sports Illustrated!

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They were teammates on the field, but Hope Solo and Alex Morgan are going at it away from the soccer pitch.

In October, the Team USA goalie posed naked for ESPN the Magazine's Body issue and now Morgan, another star on last summer's World Cup squad, is doing the same in the upcoming Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.

She's seen here in boday paint only:

Alex Morgan Nude

"It was a completely new experience and definitely took some getting used to before I felt comfortable," Morgan says of standing around in nary an item of clothing. "I had to look in the mirror every five minutes to make sure I actually had a swimsuit on."

She does. Sort of.

This iconic, controversial edition of Sports Illustrated will be released on Tuesday, with the cover model unveiled Monday night on The Late Show with David Letterman.


when are we going to feature average looking or ugly women?? by ugly i mean not as a sex symbol look for the billboard or magazine....when will we stop giving attention to so called model look women.... are we just advertising vagina??? by the way i am a man who loves women...let's stop the stereotyping america and all countries for that matter...all alex morgan says is look at me..i have a pussay and i am a slut...

Wv peach

It's great to see a healthy female body that's not adulterated by silicone boobs and lip implants. This is what an active and athletic woman really looks like! Yay!!

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