Adele Sex Tape Story Sparks Legal Threat from Singer

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Adele is best known for her blockbuster hit, "Rolling in the Deep."

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    adele is a angel and a beautiful young lady idk y the rumors start to come when u start to really blow up.. we love you adele and keep puting out wounderful muzic and we ur fans will alwayz stand behind you 100% peace love and joy------ love always reuben words of clearwater florida


    Ewwww, why would anyone lie about a thing like that.


    Just read ur comments abt the dad that shot his daughter's laptop. i totally agree with ur job is what exactly?ure a counselor? but i think ure right idont agree with Just me plus when i was saying my opinion that person accused e of being a child smthg i aint. thats just bull.


    @sneakerbean one more question do u like any sport such as soccer, basketball, anything? btw suave aint a french word. so what r u doing? u go to school or what? just trying 2 get 2 know u. dont freak out if u wanna know anything abt me dont be shy.i can c a good friendship between us till now and u?


    Hello sneakerbean! how u doin? let's make it clear im not french! so i dont hate americans in fact i love them! :) u must b happy 2 know glad there is smthg in common between our names. u must b happy 2. cmon i feel bored, tell me smthg funny. plz


    Hahahaha...french in 'intrigue'? Gee...and there's loads more where that came from like 'faux', 'croissant', 'protege', debonair, suave, debris, etc. But, what's the thing with french you have? I mean, it's not like French love Americans.

    Me? Sneaky? Guarded more like it. On a social network site it may well be prudent.

    Sneakerbean? Can mean many things really. I could be a avid sports know "sneakers"....bean--a legume (also a french term) you cook with bits of ham on a cold, winter's day. I could in fact be a bit sneaky. Sneaky is sort of like "mysterious" but with a specific intent.

    Oh, about Adele and the article above? I'm sitting on the fence...not enough detail yet to make a decision. She's getting lawyered up though....but then she's a celeb, too. They suck up to the legal eagles rather quickly at times.


    Woaw using french words. nice move. like i said be4 what they said abt adele is bull. wait my opinion on the article or something else? ure rly sneaky. btw whats with the name?


    Afraid? Hardly. But the 'intrigue' is something I'd like to get cleared up first. You started spill.


    You're quite smthg urself told u my opinion already now im all ears 2 u. afraid of telling urs. dont b i think everyone has an opinion. so u gonna tell me or u're 2 afraid


    @mysterious girl.....ahhhhhhhh, yes, we meet again. Not quite so mysterious. Why don't you lay out your opinion to me. I'd be interested in hearing it. I'll give you my "splashy" take on it after you!

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