Adam Lambert to Front Queen Tour This Summer

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He is the champion, our friends.

Adam Lambert will join iconic band Queen on tour this summer, both sides announced this week, a development that follows the singer's 2009 American Idol finale performance with original members Brian May and Roger Taylor; as well as their teaming up again at the MTV European Music Awards in November.

Adam Lambert on the Radio

"The intention is to pay tribute to [late singer Freddie Mercury] and the band by singing some f-cking great songs," Lambert tells Great Britain's The Daily Star. "It’s to keep the music alive for the fans and give it an energy that Freddie would have been proud of."

Lambert, of course, admits that he has no intention of replacing Mercury, who passed away from AIDS in 1991.

"That's impossible," he said. "The way I’m choosing to view it is that it’s a great honor and one I’m in no way going to shirk."

Adam and the group will tour in May and stop at Knebworth in England, where Queen played their final gig with Mercury in 1986.


Adam can never be another freddie...but will sure as hell do him proud. Adam has a great voice,and Queeen was my number one band until Freddie died. Did you know that he sang the songs for...The Highlander? I think Adam will do great!!


Well I see all the Hater's (Bats in the bell tower). Get over yourself. If you do not care for him then why do you need to comment??When you were born did you take a left or a right because you missed the geen pool big time. He is Gay SO WHAT You know that song we are the champions that they play at every STRIGHT sport's game is a song by Queen & Freddie Murcery was gay also. Lord! Get the fact's stright before you accuse or lash out at people. I really think all the hater's need to get a life. I will bet they never got past the 6th grade I sign my name always while all of you hid behind a fack name to post your foul comment's. All the best Adam I love your music & I am 56 years old & a Mother of two son's & a great Husband & before you start hater's both my son's are stright!! Happy Memorial Day & never let the bast789's Win.


So exciting! I think Adam will make Freddie smile up in heaven. There will never be another voice like his, but damn Adam will be the closest to it. Big honor for Adam , Love you, wish you luck!!!!! I have to get tickets!!!!!! Hope they will be near New York.

Miley fakes

nice choice - bring it on!!


I think Adam would make Freddie proud - I hope they D O get together to perform - and for the haters out there - just stay away!


i went to see adam in sydney and his concert was amazing and i am glad i flew down from brisbane to sydney and i would do it all again. Truly amazing and very entertaining. And he would be excellent singing with queen. He is out going like freddie even though there will never ever be another freddie. But Adam has his own style and doesn't try to be like freddie, just have good fun and make everyone happy. Lets face it thats what freddie loved doing was having fun and interacting with the people ie- the fans at there concerts. Good luck adam go and have fun and make the fans happy. Take care Essex GG


hey, ADAM, if tour with Queen,start early with the costumes and makeup, at Musikfest 2 summers ago, didn't appreciate the 1 hr.wait for YOU after the two opening acts. didn't even want to CLAP


Ilove adam!! His music is off the charts. His voice is one I could listen to all day. I have heard he will not be singing with Queen. I hope he does,I think he would be the perfect voice and stage performance needed.


Way to go!!
So talented! The best person for this incredible music.


Adam should b so proud of all he has accomplished & performing with queen is a huge honor. no matter what crazy clothes or makeup as it is about the voice & how talented adam is.

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