Academy Awards Fashion Face-Off: Angelina Jolie vs. Penelope Cruz

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Visually, Angelina Jolie and Penelope Cruz are just about peerless.

While husband Brad Pitt was the one in the spotlight, Jolie rocked the Oscars red carpet as always in a fearlessly thigh-high cut Versace velvet dress that turned heads.

Cruz, meanwhile, opted for periwinkle in Armani Prive, adding a classic Grace Kelly-like polish to her ensemble with diamond jewels and shiny 1950s-inspired curls.

Who looked better at the 2012 Oscars? Cast your vote below!

Fashion Face-Off!

Who looked better at the Oscars, Angelina Jolie or Penelope Cruz? Vote in our Academy Awards Fashion Face-Off now! View Poll ยป


Riley is "dead" on!! Angelina looked like a ZOMBIE! That ridiculous pose she struck while presenting was the icing on the cake. I was glad to see the "winners" poke fun at it!


loved Penelope's dress so beautiful on her but I didn't care for her hair style, she had beautiful long hair, did she cut it?


Ms Cruz looks very feminine, always lovely. Ms Jolie looks painfully thin and a bit "Goth" like.


Penelope Cruz was soft and feminine, effortlessly beautiful in her unique gown. I was schocked to see Angelina looking so painfully thin in arms and shoulders. Maybe the leg action was a distraction?


Angelina has had her days, but they are over. She looked anorexic and pastey. It was almost sad to see her in such a state. You have to be kidding in comparing her and Penelope. There is no comparison.


Angelina looked just ok to me. She usually looks much better for less important events. Her makeup was not the best. I hated her pose when she was announcing the nominees. That pose is for pictures not the stage. Penelope looked so classy & elegant.

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