16 & Pregnant Season 4 Cast Members: Revealed!

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We've already posted MTV's 16 and Pregnant trailer for Season 4. Now we have your first look at the cast of the new season, premiering Tuesday, March 27.

The U.S. teen birth rate has reportedly declined by nearly 10 percent in the last few years, helping douse criticism that the show is glamorizing teen pregnancy.

However, there are still plenty of cute teen moms for casting directors to choose from, and these 12 high schoolers from across the nation made the cut.

Spoiler alert: There are more cheerleaders than ever!

Lindsey Harrison Picture

1. Lindsey Harrison (above). The model and cage fighter complains that she "cannot do anything I normally would do" after she becomes pregnant. Now 17, she gave birth to daughter Aniyah in October and is still seeing her baby daddy.

2. Myranda Trevino. Almost the high school track star lives in Texas with baby daughter Kaylee Michelle (born in September) and is dating baby daddy Eric.

3. Katie Yeager. Now 17, Katie gave birth to her daughter Molly last August. She lives in Wyoming and appears to be on good terms with baby daddy Joey Maes.   

Mackenzie Douthit Picture

4. Mackenzie Douthit (above). The Oklahoma cheerleader's has a son, Gannon, with her boyfriend, Josh, who has a rodeo accident during her pregnancy.

5. Sabrina Solares. Her boyfriend Iman's dad "wanted [her] to get an abortion right that day" when they told him Sabrina was pregnant. Didn't happen.

6. Jordan Howard. Her mom's reaction, hearing the news about Jordan's pregancy with her white boyfriend? "How is he going to raise a black baby?" Wow.

Kristina Robinson Picture

7. Kristina Robinson (above). This might be the most tragic story ever shown on 16 and Pregnant, as her fiance died, apparently in a drowning accident: "I just remember being pulled to shore and looking around and him not being there."

8. Devon Broyles. Devon named her baby boy Landon; although her baby daddy has an unflattering portrayal on the season preview, to say the least.

9. Alexandria Sekella. The modern dancer lives in Pennsylvania with infant daughter Arabella and is still seeing her baby daddy.

Sarah Roberts Picture

10. Sarah Roberts (above). The young mama has an infant daughter, Tinleigh, and recently tweeted that "the baby's father is NOT in her life, at all."

11. Hope Harbert. The previews suggest that Hope became pregnant with baby boy Tristan the first time she had sex. She is still seeing baby daddy Ben.

12. Briana Dejesus. Now 17, Briana gave birth to baby girl Nova in September.


Shaking. My. Damn. Head.
R- I wish girls like you would be sterilized. You got knocked up at 15 and didn't learn to use a damn condom? You are an IDIOT. And the reason you think motherhood is easy is probably because you aren't doing a very good job. The girls posting here honestly make me want to vomit. When people complain about the "state of the world" and "kids these days" they are talking about YOU. You are all the reason that the USA is a joke to the rest of the world.FYI, for all the girls who claim they got preg at 16, have never asked for welfare/foodstamps, live in a nice house and don't have to ask their parents for money? BULLLLLLLLL. If you aren't smart enough to even think of a plausible fake-scenario, you aren't smart enough to have a child. period. I wish you all the best of luck in keeping your offspring out of prison...although who are we kidding here..


BTW, in no way am I saying the getting pregnant young is good. I do wish I could have waited because you do lose freedom so young.


I HATE how this girls thinks it's so hard to be a teen mom! It's not, yeah only when you have doctor appoiments and what not but taking care them no. I hate all the I CANT GO OUT, PARTY BLAH BLAH maybe they shouldn't have had unprotected sex. I was 15 pregnant with my 1st then 16 pregnant with my 2nd. Im 17 yeard old and its not hard at all! Im still with my babys dad and hes was my first. I never went out and party so I had no problem with the party BS as for my friends I see them once in a while or no anymore. My LIFE isnt over! My kids come first, Im still in school. BUT DAMN THIS GIRLS NEED TO GROW UP AND QUIT ACTING LIKE ITS SO DAMN HARD.!


I think the teen moms are pathetic. i had my 1st child at 17 and was 16 when i got pregnant. than six months after was pregnant with my second child.. these girls act like its impossible to have a life with being a teen mom. they are letting the fame go to there head way to much. it is not hard being a teen parent. i am married to the father of my two children and we depend on no one. just because a camera crew fallows the milk it big time.... i know one of the girls on this new season she lives in the same city as me.. and ever since she got on this show she is a completely different person. its sickening. she is afraid that people want in on her fame, i personaly do not like this show..


You are trying to get a pat on the back from strangers because apparently you beat the odds, but no one with any sense will look at the way you present yourself, at least in writing, and think "hey.. that's a girl who really has her life together" Pedestal? Hardly. Just disgust for whatever school system Ms. Kalie comes from. And maybe I don't know her, but when you chime in your 2 cents on a public forum, you open yourself up to these things. Another thing they teach in school that I'm sure you missed- free effing speech.You could rip on me too if you can find something. I'm educated, I support myself and a child, I have job security, health coverage and live in a nice neighborhood. Nice try to knock me off my pedestal. But when that pedestal is common sense and a life I worked hard for 10 years to have, its pretty easy to maintain your position. Good luck to you in life, keep on encouraging girls to reach for the stars. AKA a welfare cheque or a shotgun wedding.


hahaha, I am on a pedestal because I abhor a 22 year old who cannot string together a proper sentence, but is supposed to help 2 kids with their homework? If that is a "pedestal" then that is some under-achieving s#^* right there. I'm not hating on teen moms in general, I personally know good and bad examples of the group, I was simply pointing out the glaringly obvious to anyone with a brain- if you are going to try to "school" the people on the internet about their ignorance and make them reconsider their position on teen parenthood, at least #1- make a decent argument, and #2- convey it in something other than "txt talkin' " and if she wants to call the father of her children her "baby daddy" go right ahead, but don't sit there and expect people to take you seriously. That is the point I am trying to make here. (TBC..)


Brittany, It must be so lovely sitting up there on your high horse judging Kalie, a woman of 22 years old that you don't even know. Her experience is her experience, she's an independent mother of 2 who raises her girls without welfare, who has her own home, who has children by the same father. Grow up woman. Does it REALLY matter if she uses the term "Babies daddy?" Might not be your cup of tea but who are you to judge? The ignorance astounds me! Maybe a few of you need to be nudged off your pedestals.


Honestly, I come from Canada, and if you think the US has a lot of teen moms, I just want to say, you look like Angel in comparison. Where I come from, in my small town, girls like to get pregnant so they can get on Mom's Allowance and Welfare (and they do this on purpose, no word of a lie) at least, from my perspective, most young women over in the US either make a mistake and are responsible for keeping the baby (and I commend most mothers on this show because many of them try to get and maintian either college of a job, which is completely different the hick ass idiocity where I live). No one is white trash, and most moms on here realize that they can turn it around for their children. Just remember, no one at 16 who has a baby has a perfect life, and if they claim they do they are lying to themselves and their loved ones.


MTV is trying to make gross things acceptable to protect the teen moms, also known as their brand and ticket for lunch money. Ex: Leah's cheating. She has cheated twice on her baby's father, how on earth does that show she is committed to the relationship? She managed to blame it on Corey somehow saying she felt there was a lack of intimacy. She tries to say she understands what she did was bad, yet I think she feels what she did wasn't a big deal. She cheated twice with the same guy!But Dr.Drew gets mad at Corey for not staying with her despite this.I get where he's coming from, no one wants to see a family with twins torn apart, but when she has cheated TWICE? come on. Dr. Drew, those are fatal blows to her marriage. Of course, MTV has to protect their teen moms' reputations so NOTHING is their fault. And, I know she's young and make mistakes and I'm glad she is sorry, but I'm younger than her and even I know better. But then again, I know better than to end up on that show!


"not every young mom gets on welfare. and even if they did its none of your business"
uhhhhh, its called being a TAXPAYER!!!!!!!!!!!! If it's none of my business, how about they not MAKE it my business by supporting their own children instead of taking government hand-outs that come out of my paycheque? How about, like other kids at 16, you ask your parents for an allowance, so it can be their problem that "things happen". Maybe not all teen moms are on welfare, but maybe if you had ANY knowledge of the world beyond your own personal experiences, you would know that a HUUUUGE number of them ARE. I feel like the stupidity of the teen moms on this page is literally melting my brain. You are all trying to imply that you are the 'success story' side of teen parenting, but you are all clearly demonstrating that you are the exact reason people hate girls like you. Kalie, you have a better life than most in their 30's? you really expect me to believe that with your 2nd grade education?

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