Trace Cyrus Speaks on Engagement to Brenda Song, Mum on Pregnancy

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The Brenda Song pregnancy mystery remains unsolved. Or, actually, perhaps this interview solves it.

Trace Cyrus spoke to People Magazine this week about his fiancee and their plans to wed, saying he'd love to tie the knot in Vegas, but he knows Song wouldn't exactly go for that plan.

"Every girl wants a big, beautiful wedding," the 22-year old told People. "And at the end of the day, I'll do whatever she wants."

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The young couple got engaged in October, amidst rumors that the Disney actress was expecting.

But Song's mother denied this was the case, despite many reports to the contrary... and then Brenda donned a "Love Child" sweater in public. Was she just messing with the press? Sending a not-so-subtle message? Coincidentally donning an old piece of clothing?

Whatever the answer, Trace never touched on any baby talk during his chat with the magazine.

"When I asked her [to marry me], I told her, 'I don't care if we get married tomorrow, two weeks from now, a year from now or 10 years from now; it doesn't matter,'" Cyrus said, adding that wedding bells might not even ring for a year or two.

But he's in no rush. He's simply a content musician.

"It's just been good to enjoy someone else's company and not worry about a million different things. I'm happier than I've ever been."



Everyone should really shut up man. Trace Cyrus is a beautiful man doing a beautiful thing that concerns none of y'all. My guess is half of y'all wish he er she was marrying you. I love how people who sit around with nothing better to do than to throw stones at people WAY better off then them. (not just talking money) and due to recent events i.e. the wedding maybe a baby my guess is Trace is high on life NOT drugs.


I think this is all just a bunch of crap. Her belly hasn't gotten any bigger and her fiancee looks like a crack addict. I personally believe he's using her just to get more stupid tattoos and to probably get more drugs, if he's doing them. LAME!


A jerk and a gal with no sense of direction quickly heading for a break up, or if they get married, a divorce. Just watch and see.


HOLY FUCK...he is butt ass fuckn UGLY!!!! What the hell does this gorgeous little mini Asian see in this wreck?!


That's great, thanks. My hubby adopted my son from my first marriage too =)

Wv peach

Billy Ray legally adopted Trace when he married Trace's mother; he and Miley are half-siblings. I think it's commendable that a man adopts a child not of his lineage for the sake of family and unity. :-)


@Pak31.. This may be a dumb question, but if they have the same mother, why are they both Cyrus'? I agree opposites must attract.


Tonya, not sure if you are serious or not but Trace and Miley have the same mother, different father. He was with the band Metro Station but not anymore. That is really all I know about the guy. In the looks department they are on other ends of the spectrum.


Whoa he looks nasty..brenda is beautiful but put the two together and Wham! What a Trainwreck.


this is the first time i have ever seen a picture of miley cyrus's brother they look nothing alike. What kind of music does he play?

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