Tim Thomas, Boston Bruins Star and Playoff MVP, Snubs Obama White House Visit

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Congratulating the Boston Bruins on the 2011 Stanley Cup championship, President Barack Obama welcomed the team, with one notable omission, to the White House.

Goaltender Tim Thomas, the team's linchpin and only the second American player ever to win playoff MVP, having posted two shutouts in the Final, skipped the event.

Thomas said months ago he would not attend due to political and ideological differences with the Obama administration, and he stayed true to his word yesterday.

Bruins, Obama

Bruins team president Cam Neely said he could've forced Tim Thomas to go, but did not do so, and feels the decision was Thomas' and the team honors his choice.

"Everybody has their own opinions and political beliefs. He chose not to join us," said Neely. "We certainly would have liked to have him but that's his choice."

"All the guys came except for Tim. It's his decision and his choice."

While his politics aren't common knowledge among many fans, Thomas hasn't hidden his leanings as an unabashed Glenn Beck fan and "true Tea Party patriot."

On the one hand, when the President asks you to visit the White House event, shouldn't you just go, regardless of political differences with the administration?

On the other hand, should Thomas be praised - whether you agree with his views or not - for using a unique moment to make a political statement of his own?

Thomas will no doubt lose a lot of supporters over this, but you have to at least respect an athlete who uses his fame or influence for something he believes in.

Right? Tell us if we're on point or off the mark in the comments.


I wonder if individuals like Tim Thomas and the other that disrespect President Obama understand the precident they are setting. The office of the President of the United States of America has always had the highest respect. It was always understood that it was a institution not a person. I know that there are those on this thread race has nothing to do with this type of behavior that President Obama has to endure but what else can it be. Tell me another president when various members of congress speak about him during interviews they refer to him as Obama not President Obama. When President Bush was in office who by the way was a unpopular president, never was refered to as just Bush. I do belive that we have open pandoras box and future Presidents will no longer receive the respect the posistion deserves. Truely a sad day......


Plain rude and what an illinformed man. No wonder he cant stand the pres he listens to a liar who wnts nothing mre than to divide this country and thats glen beck. I watched him lots becuz i like to be informed about wat othas are being told and i poked holes in many of his theories! Obama is nt a bad man he doesnt start wars for no damn reason he didnt make mutibillion dolla corporations human and then pass a law that means money equals speech. He didnt pass laws to let jobs go overseas.... Wat the hell did this president do to offend this man so damn much that his disrespectful ass cudnt honor the pres of the u.s? Imo he needs to get the eff out if he lacks such human decency and respect for this country! Dnt care for bush but id be damned if i eva disrespected our pres like that. Childish bull shit is all that was!


rob w ... using the race card huh ? Wow ! what a retard. This clown Obumma does not deserve respect for anything. Bush even less. Respect is something earned not something bestowed upon a title. If Obumma was black with white stripes covered with pink polka dots he would still be a rat underneath so save your moronic racial baiting.
Hats off for this goaltender and his courage didnt belong in the same room with that socialist, self-loving, traitor anyway.


President Obama has done more in his life than a hockey player, that is most likely owned by more corporate money than Obama ever will be...Reebok is the name on the shirt Obama is being presented... That is a corporation.....


i dont ever remember a president being snubbed like this!!! and this isnt the first time!! wake up people this president is a joke and a pawn to big money and people are fighting back!!!! VERY proud of you Tim!!! You earned your spotlight with talent unlike someone else who earned it because of his half race and big money wanting him to do there bidding!!


It isn't a statement of anything but immaturity. To look at this disrespect as anything more than a child's tantrum is ridicules. Thinking himself to be above the common courtesies is not what a grown man would do.There is no I in team we teach our children this every day and perhaps this team should think about replacing this person with someone who does not put himself first.


Good for him! I like a man with conviction who isn't afraid to stand by his beliefs. We could use more like him!


Isn't that an oxymoron - Glenn Beck fan and true Tea Party patriot? Ha. How about a fool and a traitor?


Why should he have to go to the white house if he doesn't want to? It's not disrespectful to decline a visit with someone you don't like. Obama being president doesn't mean people should worship him like the messiah. He's just a man and if you disagree with his views and would rather not be around him that's your choice and no one elses. Also in reality it was probably more respectful for him to decline the invitation than it would have been to show up and possibly get into a political argument with the man in his own home.


Hope he gives up tons of goals this year. Typical classless Boston player.

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