Tim Gunn: Celibate for 29 Years!

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Make it work, Tim Gunn often tells contestants on Project Runway.

But the fashion guru made a startling confession yesterday during a segment on ABC's The Revolution: he has not "made it work" with a sexual partner in nearly three decades!

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Admitting that he has not had intercourse in "29 years," the openly gay designer was especially emotional and honest during the show.

"I'm a perfectly fulfilled person," he said of his decision to remain celibate. "But it's very physiological."

Gunn held back tears at multiple points and spoke of his ex-partner, someone who he described as "impatient with my sexual performance," which prompted the 58-year old to go the abstinence route.

But Gunn also went out of his way to emphasize that sex is not everything. Far from it, in fact, stating simply:

"I'm happy to be healthy and alive, frankly."

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That's absoutly true..... "Sex isn't everything". But this dude comes off sooooo miserable on tv, its sorta depressing and draining. Now knowing he hasn't banged in 29yrs, it makes complete scene.
Sex is a very healthy thing that should be performed at least once a couple years. 29?? That almost sounds unrealistic- BUT I completely respect his descision.


Maybe he is a proud asexual? Good for him. I appreciate his sharing such personal information and stressing that he's happy and fulfilled!