THG Caption Contest: Hunger Games Edition!

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Welcome, gossip fans, to another edition of THG's Caption Contest!

What are these three characters from The Hunger Games - Elizabeth Banks as Effie, Woody Harrelson as Haymitch and Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss - thinking or saying?

You tell us by writing captions for this pic! All you have to do to play is click "Comments" below and submit your best caption(s) - as many as your heart desires.

Go to it! We will announce a winner Monday. Best of luck ...

Hunger Games Image

Katniss: Don't go in the closet, don't, don'r Effie: Please go in the closet, please please Katniss: Why Effie: Theyre gotttttaaaaa b some make up in there.
U see the look on her face! Katniss: Offensive, we're watching House at the End of the Street....


Sucking the ethiqes.

Team me

This is how hard we work to make a movie better than Twilight.


'Wow, Twilight is awful. THIS is what we're competing with?'


Effie: When is he going to stop drinking, the mans a savage! And we're watching the replay of tonight! Oh, I want that girls pearl necklace!! It seems as if no one in the capital has green hair anymore! I think its going out of fashion, I'll have to dye it another color! Haymich: She wasn't so bad. I think she'll get a few sponsors. Or maybe not... God, I need another glass! Katniss: I was terrible! And he was helping me! I can't believe I did that...


Effie *thinking* My God Haymitch haven't you had enough to drink really its sad, no manners. I hope these fools will make me look good.
Haymitch *Thinking* I would be surprised if these litte brats make it out. Peeta is in love with Sweetheart, Sweetheart is clueless. But Peeta has never even talked to her tell now. And they want me to be sober enough to help these people. Lucky they don't know i'm secretely brilliant drunk. Haha.
Katniss *Thinking* I don't know what my family will do if I don't survive i'm the one that keeps its together. Gale kissed me. I'm suppose to be acting like i'm in love with Peeta. Who is just really amazing and i'll never forget what he did for me and for that I owe him.
Peeta *Thinking* I love Katniss more than my life. I need to keep her alive. I'm risking everything for her.


Effie: If you get pearls from coal then I wonder where diamonds are from o.O
Haymitch: Is Effie's hair really green? I must be REALLY drunk...
Katniss: Yep.. I'm screwed..


They're watching the results for the individual training sessions where they get rated on their skills for sponsors.


haymitch:katniss darling you have the skills you might have a chance to come out alive effie:uhh katniss deary dont listen to a drunk guy who doesnt know what he is saying i belive in you this year we have a winner haymitch:dont we say that every year hey effie babe what about dinner effie:as i said doesnt know what he is saying and NO!! Dinner with you hahaha in your dreams haymitch:heyyy katniss:i have to win not for myself but for prim im the only one that looks after her my mom she is not in this world prim has dreams and i cant crush them by being a coward and losing! Ok maybe its time that she should face the fact that i wont always be there but the world is so harsh and shes a delicate flower shes the only reason i live and i i love her so much but im not enough to pretect her effie:sweety dont cry you are a great person you risked dying for her im sure she couldnt be more proud katniss:you really think so effie:i know so deary and they hug


Effie: today's another big big day!
Haymitch: I need a drink
Katniss: Peeta

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