The Twilight Saga to Continue Past Breaking Dawn?!?

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Might November 16, 2012 not mark the beginning of the end for The Twilight Saga after all?

While we're still nearly a year away from the release of Breaking Dawn Part 2, Lionsgate President Jon Feltheimer is already looking at life beyond the final installment of Stephenie Meyer's novels - and he has an idea for how to milk the franchise for all it can produce.

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“It’s hard for me to imagine a movie that does $700 million-plus doesn’t have ongoing value,” Felthemier said of the possibility that another film could be made. “It’s an amazing franchise that they have done a great job of maintaining with absolutely no deterioration."

But the source material is tapped out. How could the studio back another Edward and Bella-based saga?

“Maybe go back into some of the back stories,” Feltheimer suggested. “There’s been talk of shorts and different new media, too.”

Only time, and screaming Twihard reaction, will tell. But what do you think of this plan? Do you want to see Twilight extended beyond Breaking Dawn?


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I think there should more movies that show how life goes on while bella and edward`s daughter grows up. The original cast stays.


I would love if there was more to it! But not if it's being written by someone else! That will ruin everything. Please don't make shorts. Every time they make movies into tv shows they are horrible. It would be sad that this will be the end of it of stephanie doesn't want to make more but atleasy it will go out with a bang. But of course the people are only wanting more and more money so they don't really care the kind of rep they give it so I guess we will see.


Would like it to continue only if original cast would remain. I think there is room for one more!


IDK...How would it fair against other teen drama shows like Jersey Shore, Vampire Diaries, Gossip girl and without Kristen, Rob, and Taylor reprising their roles??


Yes! But only if it's Stephanie Myers writing and the original cast. Midnight Sun would be a GREAT place to start. Then she could finish with Jacob and Renesme.


I am a recently-estranged Twilight fan who has been researching and learning about HOW Twilight came to have such a dysfunctional ending; and WHY the Twilight Saga was so WRONG for being targeted toward young girls.
The VERY first book of Twilight was incredibly addictive, but it would not have been IF PRE-publishing book editors had been qualified to identify the author's amateur writing mistakes BEFORE these books were published.
This article also includes information about an online petition FROM the WORLD for the companies who sold Twilight to us so incompetently & irresponsibly. Please check it out and PASS it around? Thanks!
Search "ExplainTwilightBreakingDawnEnding" on Blogger


They should make a movie about nahuel and renesmee, jacob getting mad, them sneaking around, and bella has to kill jacob so he wont hurt renesmee, they welcome nahuel to the family, and THE END!!!!


only way this will work is if the same cast is in it, NO replacements at all!


if stephanie meyer didn't write it and it's not done by the original cast there's no point to it! of course i would love to see more or read more but i don't think it would happen...


I would love to watch it but i would only say do it now and have the original cast in it but what i say is have the cast go for the life of Renesmee and what happens to her and what happens to the family I would love to just see where it would go but i am asking if they would just have the original cast in it too

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