The Biggest Loser Premiere: Who Got Bounced?

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No excuses.

That's the short, simple tagline for the 13th season of The Biggest Loser, which kicked off last night with a new crop of contestants ready to shed weight and gain (or regain) their health, pride and potentially a quarter of a million dollars.

You know how it works. Let's break down last night's season premiere:

The Biggest Loser Cast

The new contestants arrived with a partner - dad-son, mom-daughter, brother-sister, husband-wife etc. - only they were all split up into different teams within minutes!

Alison Sweeney is back, but Anna Kournikova is no longer one of the three trainers. The services of Bob Harper and Dolvett Quince have been retained, however. Phew.

The first big twist came when we learned one tandem would be headed home before even reaching Biggest Loser house! Great for viewers, sucky for the Aqua Team!

BUT - cue twist #2 - IF they can lose 50 pounds as a team in one month, Aqua Team will be allowed to come back to participate on the show! Challenge ... EXTENDED!

During the first workout, the usual anger, sadness, rage, self-loathing, regret, motivation and fatigue set in. The obligatory vomiting and injuries also followed in due course.

All part of the game, and Bob or Dolvett are not about to let them get down on themselves now, even if they're down on the ground and writhing in pain in the literal sense.

Soon enough, it was time for the first weigh-in, and Dolvett's team actually beat Bob's for the first time in quite awhile. Looks like a season featuring plenty of surprises.

Instead of voting off the team member with the least weight lost, which would be Megan after last night's episode, Ben told everyone that he wanted to go home and did.

So that's that.

Are you excited for a new season of The Biggest Loser? What were some of the highlights from last night in your opinion? Who do you think will be this winter's John Rhode?


I do not like Dolvett either! All about not losing to Bob. Does not motivate in a positive way! It was all about the 94 pounds this week. I felt bad for the Dolvett team!


Can't stand Dolvett. He is more interested in beating Bob then he is helping his team lose weight. He is intimidated by Bob because he knows that Bob is a much better and more experienced trainer. The show is not the same. Listening to Dolvett gets on my nerves. Bob and Jillian were a much better team. Biggest Loser needs to find another good female trainer.


I'm not a huge fan of Dolvett either, but I can accept him. I love Bob... and am glad he's sticking it out. I have no idea what happened to Jillian, but I wish she would come back. Anna will not be missed. I didn't understand how she got to be a trainer in the first place. She didn't have the same disposition that Bob, Dolvett and Jillian have. She's too timid. I'm glad to see just the 2 trainers. 3 was a bit much. Highlight from last night? For me, the highlight is always to see how the contestants connect with the trainers. Being an overweight person myself, about to embark on a similar contest here in my home town, it is important to have someone who believes in you and can make you believe in yourself. I'm all about the emotional connection at this stage. Yes, I'm excited about this season of the Biggest Loser.


I was enjoying the show after not watching it in years. Then Dolvett appeared and grated on my nerves, I tried to give him a chance but the channel was quickly changed. Good luck to the pink team strangers.....

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