The Bachelor Recap: Blakeley Shea Starts Drama, Jenna Burke Cries a Lot in Sonoma

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It's that time of the week again.

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    Please tell me Ben does not stay with that awqful girl Courtney. She is very strange. I know he wants children later, but do not see her a maternal material.
    Please let me know, I don't care about the spoilers; just want to know what happens after the show. She is a glory seeker; I can't see her doing all of the things he loves.....only reaping the benefits!!!!


    I think this season of the Bachelor is starting off as the same old same old....Every season you get the nice quiet ones, the crazies, and then theres the one girl the house always hates, and this season it's blakeley....last season was Micheslle Money....Ben, granted is a nice guy, but we all know what happens to nice guys...... At times he's cute, but on average, that's all he is AVERAGE....i just hope this season the drama is cut to a minimum....already they are starting with the girl jenna who can't control her crying....soooo damn obnoxious if you ask me....oh well, we'll just have to see who the winner is, and see if Ben will be in with the rest of the crew and the percentage for breaking up before beginning a relationship.....honestly, i dont know why i for one watch these shows, and why these types of shows continually stay on tv....It really is mind boggling to say the least....nuff said......


    Ben is a total snooze and these chicks are lame(especially that snob Courtney). This is the worst season of the Bachelor EVER...and considering some of the bad seasons there have been, that's saying a lot! I think I'll continue reading your recaps but skip the show...


    I DO like "Scotch," though.~0;-)


    It's pretty obvious...Ben likes "BOOBS." And yes, I mean both kind! Metheenks Ben is a tad clueless and a bit of a "wimp." But then, I thought so during "The Bachelorette," too. Not trying to be mean...just stating my opinion.~0:-p


    PLEASE....keep some things confidential.....if you tell all, no reason to watch show....control spoilers!


    He is way to fine for any of those girls.


    love ben's watches...i think he has a thing for cartier!


    Scptch obviously has better instincts than Ben, he recognized Courtney's true character in a instant I am giving the Ben Bachelor run 1 more week if Reality Steve proves true I am bailing on this season what a kinving bitch


    Blakeley's vage is hanging out

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