The Bachelor Recap: Courtney and Ben Go Skinny Dipping, Other Girls Strike Out

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Last week, Courtney Robertson cemented her reputation as The Bachelor villain of the year, manipulating Ben, telling off the other girls and saying "winning" a lot.

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    Ben is a "drip" can't even dance. I'll bet that he has never had a good looking girl in his life. Courtney will be good for him but wait till she finds out he can't dance and worse still he has only two inches


    Courtney is a stupid retard she would do anything with Ben to win him shes a freak I hate her!!!! She wants girls to be sexual with him I mean seriously!!!! Since their not she thinks girls are going easy on her!!!!! Loser!!!


    I'm agreeing with Bud, Ben probably has a tiny pee pee and as sad as last season was, he's walking right into the same thing again. He'll get what he deserves by picking that beotch Courtney. I don't get that she's a model either. She's attractive but sure ain't a knockout. And that personality makes her ugly...blech




    after the 2 inning game the score was tied. then extra innings after innings 3 and 4 blue team was ahead. so they played untill the red team won in the 5th? WTF


    Courtny just wants to WIN and nothing else. Wait till she finds out that he has only 2 inches hard. His suitcase will be out the door and him with it and then she will take half the Vinyard


    wHAT A STUPID BORE He has two left feet, can't dance, looks like a bushwacker with his scruffy unshaven looks and long hair.The girls who left are the fortunate ones as they could end up with a "Dracula" and they would be better off than to be with this JERK. Gawd what a prize.


    hi i am loking sexy failm


    Ben, you fool! If it is true that Ben picks Courtney for the F1, won't he be surprised when he watches all the episodes after the engagement where she is just "in it to win it". OMG! And all her snarky comments? Ben is in for a rude awakening. He will realize that if anyone thinks she is interested in Ben for Ben, then buy swampland in Florida. She has to know that her whininess and "I want to win not fall in love attitude" will be shown after she and Ben are engaged. Then chalk up one for one more failed Bachelor relationship! Ben cannot be as dumb about her as we think or can he? REALLY? Then Emily was right about her all along and then he warned her about talking about Courtney and to back off? He deserves the bitch then. Sorry Ben, choosing Courtney is your own fault then. God help this guy! Not the sharpest knife in the drawer.


    He'll pick the skank. Again, let's look at this realistically, shall we? He wants a trophy wife that is good in bed, and any girl who looks like them who has to go on this show to find a date wants MONEY. They'll deserve each other.

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