Terrell Suggs Slams Tim Tebow, God as Assistant Coach

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The Denver Broncos take on the Pittsburgh Steelers this Sunday in an AFC Divisional Round Playoff game that, by our unique metrics, ought to be narrowly won by Denver.

If that happens, and if the Bengals knock off the Texans on Saturday, Tim Tebow will take his team to Baltimore to face the Ravens - and defensive standout Terrell Suggs is already getting the trash talk started in anticipation of such a matchup.

Appearing yesterday on ESPN's First Take, Suggs referenced Denver's 7-3 loss to close the season, along with the perception that Tebow's religion conviction actually helps Denver pull out victories.

“With all do respect, we dont pray on sidelines”, the linebacker said. “Once again God had to save Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos... [He] couldn't even give them two drives? 7 to 3?"

Suggs, a leading candidate for Defensive Player of the Year, added that he doesn't "feel comfortable" praying every fourth quarter and would never ask God to "come save me again."

That's fair, but we wonder if the Baltimore star would have a different viewpoint if the Ravens didn't have Ray Rice in the backfield. That guy is awesome.

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Suggs is lucky he gets paid to play Football. If it wasn't for that he would be Sacking Groceries-then again " Suggs/Thugs" would probably be Robbing the Fucking Store. Black Athletics are so Brash. They are Racist in a big way. Tebow is just Killing the Liberal Networks! He has risen and I love it.


Ok so I love the ravens but suggs comments were very disrespectful and I'm actually a little afraid of how God is about to humble him. We do need God on our sidelines bc who does suggs think gave him those abilities...for him to think he is self made....wow..forgive him God bc he know not what he says.


the guy is a tool,but then again most blk athletes run their big gums ad nauseum so its not surprising.FB is a team sport not solo one.


I'm not a Denver or Tebow fan. I'm not overly religious either. But why does anyone feel the need to put down someone who hasn't been caught doing anything wrong? He's a positive person & a good role model (so far). He doesn't have kids all over the place, hasn't been busted for drugs or shooting himself. People should be putting down those athletes not Tebow.


FYI is an impotent AWM ( Angry white man) and an idiot . GOD does not care who wins a damn football game and we are sick of the Tebow sh** . Please beat the Steelers so we can drag Tebow's butt all around M&T


Wow! People......this is taunting to a higher level. Get inside the QB's head and hope he messes up. I could care less if Suggs is black and super classy to use bleeped out curse words with bible references. Football has become pathetic. Don't touch the QB or boom, flag. Tebow gets it because he vocalizes his religious beliefs. Big whoop. The bigger picture is getting football back to the real american football. Who can forget the Sharpie after the TD? I like the lil show whether black, white, asian or whatever. Sure it's excessive celebration. It starts long before they reach NFL level. His comments may be out of line, but trust me on the field, it's much worse......


Some of you white people are just racist pigs. What does being black have to do with being an asshole. I swear, it's like the 17th century all over again, if you have a problem with his big lip, you might want to take it up with his creator and while you are at it, ask him where he left your brains assholes


If you can imagine what kind of burden's lifted off you when you know, no matter what you do, things would turn out as it was meant to. it's all in Tim Everything is on his side including his mind, (this is saying a lot)which can be a person's biggest tormentor. Plus i know 1st hand what God and Faith can do. It was low what terrell said because face it, what does it matter if tebow prays every timeout before he loses or beats the hell out of them?


Wow the racist comments Im reading are terrible. To make a broad statement about black men like that is wrong. There are plenty of African American sports figures that lead very successful lives after sports. Furthermore, there is nothing wrong with celebrating a touchdown as long as your not taunting the other team. I dont hear anyone having a problem with Aaron Rodgers when he make his world champion pose or Tom Brady when he pumps his fist and jump up and down in celebration. You guys are racist! Its ok for white athletes to show excitement nd celebrate but its unneccessary when African Americans do it. Whether your pumping your fist or doing a back flip its still called a celebration.


It's hard to decide who might be the bigger idiot on this post. Is it the "religious fanatic" or "the racist"? I think it's a toss-up!! If god exists, don't you think he has more important things to worry about than the outcome of a football game? Both of you are showing your blatant ingorance.