Terrell Owens: Shirtless, Nearly Broke!

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Terrell Owens, impossibly taut at age 38, poses shirtless in the new GQ.

In addition to losing his shirt, he reveals that he lost nearly $80 million in career earnings. Now out of football and running out of money, he appears desperate.

When people text him to ask where he is these days, Owens replies back: "I'm in hell." Sad to hear that anyone feels that way. But is it his own fault?

Terrell Owens Shirtless

Terrell Owens blames the media for not giving him a chance to rehab his injury, and blames agent Drew Rosenhaus for not protecting him from a bad business deal.

Owens earned around $80 million in his NFL career, but has found himself in deep financial trouble, despite never spending lavishly. How does that happen exactly?

It's not a matter of having lived too large, he insists. While he indeed racked up a few homes that milliond, the issue, he says, was being loyal and trusting to a fault.

Owens said financial advisers recommended by Rosenhaus lost his money in highly leveraged (some borderline illegal) ventures and the housing market collapse.

"I hate myself for letting this happen," Owens told GQ. "I believed that they had my back when they said, 'You take care of the football, and we'll do the rest.'"

"And in the end, they just basically stole from me."

It's a sad tale, but this is also a guy with four baby mamas and no job - can't blame your financial advisers for that - and whose brash self-absorption is unparalleled.


Listen readers,terrell is a perfect example of a prostitute. He was pimped by the powers to be and now they are stacking their chips,waiting for the next sucker to fatten their personal account.man, when will we learn to trust ourselves enough ?now,what terrell?true wealth is knowledge not gold diggers and cameras fool!


Reed, you are so right. How can anyone feel sorry for this black asshole? What kind of stupid illiterate fool can spend/lose $80 million? That's insane. Typical black behavior. Blacks are always blaming their problems on others. Well, this asshole needs to realize this is a bad economy and white people are struggling to make ends meet, so he better get his ass over to Walmart, McDonalds or the local gas station to try and get himself a job rather than spending his days working on his 6-pack abs. No one cares about you now, Terrell, you are now just another poor unemployed black man. Welcome to the real word!


Typical Black Male- You can Dress him up but you can't take him anywhere. I'm guessing he can't even throw a Rock across the Mississippi River for fear of hitting one of his kids in the Head. Black Sports figures are so predictable. They aren't accountable for shit. Meanwhile we degrade Tim Tebow in every way possible for being a decent Human being. A Fool and his Money were lucky to get together in the 1st place. All he has left is some "Picked Over" White Bitch and lots to pick from.


typical black reaction - there's a problem, blame someone else! terrell you have only yourself to blame, brutha. you had $80M and you expect any of us to pity you? fool, you F'ED UP! sucker!


Oprah said it, Cosby said it in the late 70's and that is sign your own checks and handle your own money and make your own investments and if you did not know how then you go to people like Oprah and Cosby. Everyone in a life time was young and stupid and that does not make him a loser. He just have to reinvent himself. Come on people its not like he did not go to college and major in something. At 38 years old it's still never to late. He has learned a very exspensive lesson and my money is on he will never allow this situation to happen to him again. The old saying is Life Begins at 40 so let's wait and see what happens. Good Look Terrell Hilette


when it comes to your money you handle your own buss! Your the one who made it. don't blame everyone else for your money. No sympathy here, I wish i could make even one-tenth of what he makes.Cry me a river. PAPA johns is hiring now, you can be just like everyone else DOG!!!People might think that this is mean but think about it. 80 million Dallors OMG!!


I hear Mcdonalds and Walmart are hiring. It would be good for him. This is pathetic. He blames everyone else but himself. Most Americans won't earn $1 Million in their lifetime. This idiot earned $80M in what, 10-12 years, and he's broke? No sympathy here.


This is clearly not T.O.s fault. Blame Jeff Garcia, Donnavon McNabb, Tony Romo and any other QB in his life. Oh yeah, blame the media and ESPN too. Everyone else poked a hole in his rubber. Enjoy your new life loser!


I was looking for this and find out here thanks

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