Teen Mom 2 Recap: Jenelle Evans Beats Roommate With Drumsticks, Corey Lets Kids Live in Squalor

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As her mom, Barbara, has said so many times ... Dammit Jenelle!!

Last night's episode of Teen Mom 2 featured an all-out brawl between combustible time bomb Jenelle Evans and her new housemates, making us wonder if this girl will ever go longer than a few months without getting arrested.

On the flip side, your roommates all look better by comparison, no?

Let's get down to this week's Teen Mom 2 recap, THG's +/- style!

Jenelle is Nuts

Jenelle Evans' meltdown began, we think, because Kieffer Delp was texting someone in the 508 area code, which is not North Carolina. Uh oh. Minus 12.

She threatened to move out and take her couches with her. Not that you can put them in the car where she'd be living, but point taken Jenelle. Plus 4.

The bathroom door was victim #1 of the night. Holy rage issues woman! Plus 5 because at least the bathroom door can't press charges against her.

Roomie Tori tried her best to console her, but Jenelle was past the point of no return and ranting about Tori's BF, Kieffer clone Tylor. Uh oh. Minus 6.

That's when the drumsticks came out. That's not a euphemism, Tori and Jenelle really started frickin' wailing on each other with drumsticks. Plus 50.

The image of them rolling around on the floor between the legs of Kieffer and Tylor, who were also brawling, will likely scar us for life. Still, Plus 12.

When Bahbwa sees this low-rent porn-gone-wrong scene? Look out. Minus 20.

Kailyn Lowry hired an attorney because, as we saw in last week's episode, Jo would rather finance his music career than pay child support for Isaac.

We're a little torn on this one. Jo should obviously pay money to keep his son's standard of living up. But Kailyn could be a better communicator. Wash.

Just because he lives at home doesn't mean he's a deadbeat or doesn't need the money. Not to go all Team Jo here, because we're not. Just saying.

Work it out, you two. Come to an agreement for the sake of the kid. Each of you compromise a little. But at least they're not Jenelle/Kieffer, so Plus 8.

The Teen Mom 2 Stars

Chelsea Houska  got off to a promising start at Year Round Brown. Sorry, we can't get over that being the name of the tanning salon ... in South Dakota. Plus 4.

But, alas, she later cried a lot because Adam broke up with her. Minus 12 for being so hung up on that douche. Time to file for child support and move the hell on.

You agree with us, are we right Randy?! Plus 7 for Randy being the man.

Leah Messer has since parted ways with Corey Simms ... and gotten engaged to Jeremy Calvert, and pregnant again, putting this in an interesting perspective.

Aspiring coal miner Corey would rather buy a new truck than a nicer trailer home for his family. That's what we call a warning sign right there. Minus 40.

All a girl wants for her adorable little twin girls, who are looking cuter by the minute, is some land and a double wide. Is that too much to ask?! Plus 15.

Despite the place having more mold and cobwebs than Bethenny Frankel's husband's junk, Corey seems content to let his kids live in squalor. Minus 20.

Seriously. Leah has shown remarkable maturity given all she's gone through, and this is the thanks that she gets. Hope Jeremy is an upgrade. Plus 10.

"This is over," she tells Corey. "I'm leaving." Foreshadowing ... Minus 5.



Jenelle you need some serious anger management & i don't know why God gave a beautiful baby to such a sick person and not to a woman that can't have kids?? Your Mom God Bless her .." you" are immature selfish,all " you"think about is your pot smoking & YOUR LOSER B/F..


Wait wait wait Why hasnt anyone mention Leah and co saying 'bath' the kids instead of 'bathe'???


Holla! 508 - South of Boston!


Jo is such an asshole! Jenelle is bipolar she needs to be medicated she'd be much better. And what is with these girls not filing for support for their children? So sickening! I'm starting to wonder why I watch this show its really getting annoying.


Sorry but this needs an edit. -100 for THAT DAMN BATHTUB. Gross!


LEAH:They saw that bathroom when they bought the trailer. So why is it a problem now. I partly age with corey, wait til you can afford a good house and just jump into a bad situation again.
KAILYN: She needs the child support, but when she talks about it she mostly names things that would benefit her more than Isaac.
JENELLE: She really needs to have a psych evaluation, she got issues that she can't deal with on her own.


How bad did Chelsea make herself look when she asked her new boss if guys come into her job? LMAO


Jace first words will probably be, leave me alone!!!! The child for sure needs to be given to a stabile enviroment where Janelle cant come back and forth. What she sees in Kiefer is beyond me, he doesnt even have a job. He must be her hook up for her smoke!!!!


well good for leah! gratz girl you dont need someone who puts thier kids health last...Joe...just pay the child support your never there when she drops the kid off so why shouldnt you have to pay...Janelle...your not worth anything...your a really bad mother, your immature and only think about you! when your child should be the first on your list...stop dating these aweful aweful men and get a damn job and take care of your child!...And chelsea plzzz just dont even bother with adam anymore hes not worth it...hes childish i seen the episode when you moved into your new place and asked him to help you move and he acted like a spoiled 5 yr old child...just file for child support and move on...


Jenelle, you are a waste of air. Your mother has had YOUR baby from day One. All u think about is "YOURSELF"....your son is last on your list. Your Mother puts up with more than I would. Chelsa, get over yourself. Adam doesn't want you, when you gotta ask someone to tell u they love you
, something is wrong. You need to grow up and stop living off your Dad.
Kailyn, you got some growing up to do as well. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Joe, pay the child support. Leah and Corey, GOOD GRIEF!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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