Teen Mom 2 Recap: Jenelle Evans Beats Roommate With Drumsticks, Corey Lets Kids Live in Squalor

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As her mom, Barbara, has said so many times ... Dammit Jenelle!!

Last night's episode of Teen Mom 2 featured an all-out brawl between combustible time bomb Jenelle Evans and her new housemates, making us wonder if this girl will ever go longer than a few months without getting arrested.

On the flip side, your roommates all look better by comparison, no?

Let's get down to this week's Teen Mom 2 recap, THG's +/- style!

Jenelle is Nuts

Jenelle Evans' meltdown began, we think, because Kieffer Delp was texting someone in the 508 area code, which is not North Carolina. Uh oh. Minus 12.

She threatened to move out and take her couches with her. Not that you can put them in the car where she'd be living, but point taken Jenelle. Plus 4.

The bathroom door was victim #1 of the night. Holy rage issues woman! Plus 5 because at least the bathroom door can't press charges against her.

Roomie Tori tried her best to console her, but Jenelle was past the point of no return and ranting about Tori's BF, Kieffer clone Tylor. Uh oh. Minus 6.

That's when the drumsticks came out. That's not a euphemism, Tori and Jenelle really started frickin' wailing on each other with drumsticks. Plus 50.

The image of them rolling around on the floor between the legs of Kieffer and Tylor, who were also brawling, will likely scar us for life. Still, Plus 12.

When Bahbwa sees this low-rent porn-gone-wrong scene? Look out. Minus 20.

Kailyn Lowry hired an attorney because, as we saw in last week's episode, Jo would rather finance his music career than pay child support for Isaac.

We're a little torn on this one. Jo should obviously pay money to keep his son's standard of living up. But Kailyn could be a better communicator. Wash.

Just because he lives at home doesn't mean he's a deadbeat or doesn't need the money. Not to go all Team Jo here, because we're not. Just saying.

Work it out, you two. Come to an agreement for the sake of the kid. Each of you compromise a little. But at least they're not Jenelle/Kieffer, so Plus 8.

The Teen Mom 2 Stars

Chelsea Houska  got off to a promising start at Year Round Brown. Sorry, we can't get over that being the name of the tanning salon ... in South Dakota. Plus 4.

But, alas, she later cried a lot because Adam broke up with her. Minus 12 for being so hung up on that douche. Time to file for child support and move the hell on.

You agree with us, are we right Randy?! Plus 7 for Randy being the man.

Leah Messer has since parted ways with Corey Simms ... and gotten engaged to Jeremy Calvert, and pregnant again, putting this in an interesting perspective.

Aspiring coal miner Corey would rather buy a new truck than a nicer trailer home for his family. That's what we call a warning sign right there. Minus 40.

All a girl wants for her adorable little twin girls, who are looking cuter by the minute, is some land and a double wide. Is that too much to ask?! Plus 15.

Despite the place having more mold and cobwebs than Bethenny Frankel's husband's junk, Corey seems content to let his kids live in squalor. Minus 20.

Seriously. Leah has shown remarkable maturity given all she's gone through, and this is the thanks that she gets. Hope Jeremy is an upgrade. Plus 10.

"This is over," she tells Corey. "I'm leaving." Foreshadowing ... Minus 5.



Chelsea,...she needs to get over that douche bag Adam, she is way to good for him, she's beautiful and a great mother. Kailyn needs to stay with Jordan,...I thought she shld get back with Jo but he's a dick head, Jordan is super sweet and loves her. Jenelle needs help,...and needs to be a mother to that precious baby jace. I'm a big fan of Barbara she craaaacccks me up. Leah needs realize no one is gna love her and her kids like corey


Tempest ur messed up chelsea takes care pf aubree so before u speak and talk shit know wht the fuk u talking about


Kelly, that's a harsh judgment of Kailyn, who has done everything on her own. She works 2 jobs, goes to school, and has had to deal with not having a place to live. She uses the assistance (that she didn't even WANT) responsibly and for what it is there for: to help people get on their feet. Not everyone has parents with money who can help them out, like alot of the other girls on the show. Not that any of them have perfect circumstances but she obviously loves Isaac and works hard for him, putting him before herself. Chill out a bit.


i wonder y teen mom dont have no real teen moms that are in the hood live the way it really is.u gettin paid to do the show y u broke kail.jenelle u might as well give keifer to a girl that has what he has nothing.u have a son that is gonna feel the same way u do about ur mom.have u thought about that.Leah u need to pump ur brakes on havin kids once u have one u have a better chance on getting pregnet.chelsea u are the most spoiled one u dnt take care of ur daughter ur dad does.crazy how u get paid from ur dad to watch ur own baby.wish it was that easy.hope yall get it together cuz yall dont know what its really like in the streets.


Amanda...a good mom would be one who puts their child before anything especially a damn man. Barbara wanted Jenelle to watch Jace for 15 mins so she didnt have to bundle him up and take him somewhere. But Jenelle was too busy calling and listening to Kiefers voicemail because he was mad at her. And oh yea, she also yelled at her Mom and told her to leave her alone because she was too upset crying about her bum of a boyfriend. So yea, your definition and my definition of a good mom is total opposite!!!! Jenelle sucks big time. Leah's daughter has health issues and u got this loser with this beautiful healthy boy (jace) who cant even appreciate her son that much more knowing shes on a show with a child with health issues. Smh


Janelle is a good mother and so is leah. I would go for support leah and get that dream trailer for those beautiful little babies you have. I hope you have a good life with this new guy and he treats you alot better then corey ever did. Janelle kiefer does need to go you can do alot better and try and get your head on your shoulders and get that cute little boy back from your mother


Are we talking about the same fight? I don't know about you but Jenelle's roommate beat the crap out of HER!


Kailyns a typical white trash btch living off of tax payers money and still wants more! I hope she gets nothing!!! And why is she proud of herself she doesn't pay for her apartment 50 bucks a month.. I pay more in gas a week haha such a loser


I am so sick of people making excuses for Jenelles bs. Her mother might yell at her, but lets not forget how Jenelle constantly cusses and yells at Barbara. Shes an adult and she needs to take responsibility for her actions. She shouldn't have had a child if she wasn't ready to put all the excess bs on hold. I hope her Mom continues to raise Jace, because Jenelle clearly doesn't get motherhood.


jenelle does have some serious problems but im thinking if she did have a mother that didn't scream at her all the time and showed her just a little love maybe she would turn things around.but she does need to let the boyfriend go trouble waiting to happen for sure.

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