Tale of the NFL Playoff Tape: Denver Broncos vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

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The NFL playoffs get underway this weekend, with four Divisional Round matchups across the AFC and the NFC.

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    I use to think Elway was all that and then some! I'm guessing that California Liberal Shit is just to deeply embedded. It seems that SOME NFL Fans would rather look up to a Corn Rolled Pit Bull Fighting Micheal Vick rather than a TBOW! How in the Fuck do any really know what his is praying about when he drops to a knee! This Country can't stand to see a Straight Laced Sports figure who has morals! No-We cheer for some uneducated Drug Running -Dick Holding-Whore Running -Court Date Waiting-Jive Ass Thug! If it wasn't for the NFL half these Mother Fuckers would be doing what's Natural- Robbing 7 Elevens! Elway-He can't even say that TeBow is his #1 QB next year! What a Joke.


    Stick to gossip u twitts!!!


    GO SF49ers!!


    @Bud: Of course Tebow, a virgin, won't break Ben's cherry. That's what being a virgin means. Sheesh!


    THG You are a stupid prick. Your MOUTH is more of a RAPIST than anything I can think of. You are a DEADPAN Bronco Fan and that "VIRGIN" Tebow will never break Big Ben's CHERRY. So there ASSHOLE.


    Big Ben versus Tim Tebow: an interesting match up. Ben has more playoff experience. One mistake, proved to be costly.


    @Lisa: We accept any and all sports-related trivia you'd like to throw our way. We'll wax you in an instant!
    And we stand behind our statement regarding Ben. Was he an accused rapist? Yes. That's a fact.


    It is amazing how steeler nation gets all bent out of shape about this article. It is satire douche bags and take it as such. Go Broncos!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Tebow sucks he can't even throw this is gonna be a joke GO STEELER NATION


    THG, stick to mindless gossip and stay the F out of sports. First of all, charges were never filed against Ben because that scummy chick admitted to lying!!!!!!!! So I'd be really careful throwing the word "rapist" around. Second, quoting stats does not make you educated about sports, this article proves you have no knowledge of football and to be honest it's laughable. Must have been a slow gossip day but do us all a favor and post a photo gallery of "hot asses" instead of trying to sound well rounded... because you're not!!

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