Khloe Kardashian: Kris Jenner's Love Child?!?

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The latest issue of Star Magazine delivers a bombshell: Khloe Kardashian is not actually a Kardashian.

The tabloid first quotes Jan Ashley, who married Robert Kardashian after he split from Kris Jenner, and says simply: "Khloe is not his kid. He told me that after we got married."

Khloe Kardashian in Dallas

Ellen Kardashian (Robert's third wife) also alleges to the publication that Robert was open about Jenner's infidelity during their marriage - a fact the reality star cops to in her atrocious new memoir - and says Khloe herself brought up "all the time" how different she was from her siblings.

"She looked nothing like the rest," Ellen says. "She was tall, had a different shape, light hair, curly hair. Didn't look anything like the other three children."

It's worth noting that Ellen Kardashian filed for bankruptcy in 2010. Was she paid to make this admission? Probably. Could it still be valid? Yes.

Ellen concludes that Robert never asked for a DNA test because he accepted the "truth" about Khloe from the outset and, nevertheless, "loved her very much."



Robert K died from Cancer I believe. I don't believe that any of this BS is true. Khloe is a perfect fit in this family. The only thing really different about her is she is the best of the girls. Genetics of a child are different with each child. Just because they don't look like the parents doesn't make them not theirs. Ive got plenty of examples of this in my own family. Get a life people and quit worrying about these peoples lives.


Does anyone know the name of the mystery man Kris claims to have had an affair with? I would love to see a picture of him. Also, for those of you who claim the DNA test she took proved she is a Kardashian, it only proved Kris was her mother, not who her father is.


My daughter has blond hair and blue eyes, while my husband and I have dark hair and brown eyes. We can both assure you our daughter is ours. Genetics can jump from anywhere. Both of us have grandparents that had blue eyes and light hair. Just because someone looks different than the rest of there family does not mean they are illegitimate. It could have been genes from another generation that just happen to jump to them.


Khloe Kardashian is a disgusting, rude and profane skank. Whoever is related to her should be ashamed of themselves. Maybe R. Kardashian wanted to distance himself when he saw the way she turned out.


FOR SARA & Others who are of the same mind: Yes, Khloe did take a DNA test on the show and, yes, it proved that Kris is her mother. However, the real question is, Who's her Daddy? But no matter who her birth father is (if not Robert K), she is still a true member of the K-Family, like any adopted child would be. And let's not forget about Rob Jr., He's the only decent one in that family. Just look at the transformation he made on Dancing With The Stars. His life must have been Hell living with those egotistical, narcissistic sisters of his. Look how they tried to make his show theirs. Sorry, I wandered from the original topic. Bottom line, leave Khloe alone. Sounds like the 2 exes are wee bit envious and trying to get their 15 mins of fame and, of course, fortune. Even at the expense of innocent people.


Yeah that is just the point Robert Kardashian was a respected lawyer and he treated Khloe just like the other children because it was not her fault. So instead of making a big stink out of it he divorced Chris and moved on; of course he was hurt that probably lead to his early demise, who knows. Children are very perceptive and they can tell when things are not right at home and I am sure Khloe could tell that all those hugs and kisses were not real. Ican imagine how her older sisters treated her because children notices differences in people when they are quite young.


This is fake . In one episode Khloe takes a DNA test and Kris is her mom !! So shut up you haters ! Get a life :/ u too dumb magazine !! Full of lies ! That's why I don't eead this junk


Khloe don't try and be like them simply be yourself; I am glad you moved away from them because they might corrupt you. Don't defend Kim or your mother they are chasing the 'all mighty dollar' they could careless about anyone or anything but themselves. I am so glad that you didn't let your mother make you into morally corrupt individual.


Not our business wow people shoots leave her alone! Seriously!


I LOVE Khloe Kardashian so much. To me it doesnt matter who her father is or whether she loves me back. I watch the shows and i love how she stickz up for herself and doesnt let anyone tell her what to do. This is just another "story" most likely being made up to get attention. I just wish Khloe a long healthy wonderful life with her husband and i hope they have children soon. You are an amazing person Khloe and I knw you will make a great mother soon.

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