Khloe Kardashian: Kris Jenner's Love Child?!?

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The latest issue of Star Magazine delivers a bombshell: Khloe Kardashian is not actually a Kardashian.

The tabloid first quotes Jan Ashley, who married Robert Kardashian after he split from Kris Jenner, and says simply: "Khloe is not his kid. He told me that after we got married."

Khloe Kardashian in Dallas

Ellen Kardashian (Robert's third wife) also alleges to the publication that Robert was open about Jenner's infidelity during their marriage - a fact the reality star cops to in her atrocious new memoir - and says Khloe herself brought up "all the time" how different she was from her siblings.

"She looked nothing like the rest," Ellen says. "She was tall, had a different shape, light hair, curly hair. Didn't look anything like the other three children."

It's worth noting that Ellen Kardashian filed for bankruptcy in 2010. Was she paid to make this admission? Probably. Could it still be valid? Yes.

Ellen concludes that Robert never asked for a DNA test because he accepted the "truth" about Khloe from the outset and, nevertheless, "loved her very much."



This is pure crap! My husband is blonde with hazel eyes and our two oldest daughters are blonde and blue eyes as well. There's no denying that my two oldest look just like their father. I'm a burnette with dark blue eyes, now our youngest daughter is a red head with light blue eyes. There's no one on either side of our immediate families that have red hair. So, where did my daughter get her looks? Genetics! Both my husband and I are from Irish/Scottish descent. Genetics skip generations.


Love khloe she is the best out of all of them anyways. Kim is a stuck up princess I like courtney she is awsome but let's face it khloe n kourt r the best ones there r. Straight up and honest. Only thing kims got going on is her looks and that only gets u so far lmfao. In 5 to 10 yrs shell be a nasty ol hag. Thank god humpries left when he did


Pls u losers shuld leave khloe


That was not nice what they did to you about your dad.I think your a good person and some of these comments i dont like also keep your head up


Holy Cow....I just watched the youtube video "i love my friends" and when you stop the video at 3:17 THAT DUDE IS KHLOE'S DAD I'D BET MY LIFE ON IT!!!!!!!!!!!! Kris Jenner is an admitted cheater, Khloe has always been self conscious about her looks, and her weight too. She knows she's not pretty and it has bothered her all her life and it still does. She's one ugly chick....that's why she married the first idiot black dude that paid one minutes attention to her.


Hey Khloe, i bet you scream like a pig when Lamar bends you over and run's that big black rod of his in your ass!!!!!


Khloe should be glad if she's only the half sister to her 2 dopey big sisters and the loser brother.


umm are you guys crazy she related to them how rude of you to make this up and after her DAD died this is just dumb she is sisters with them and you cant not be so low to make this up how could you!!!!


Bruce is a Fool - The way Kris was squirming on TV. She is a Whore and the Apple don't fall far from the Tree.


It doesn't matter if you and your sibling have different color eyes, nose whatever...Kris admitted in her own book she had an affair while she was married to their its probable that she isn't a Kardashian. Facts are so much more logical than personal experience.

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