Steven Tyler National Anthem Rendition: An Epic Fail?

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Steven Tyler spends the bulk of his time these days critiquing aspiring artists.

But the Aerosmith frontman/American Idol panelist is the one facing harsh judgment today, as is performance of the national anthem prior to the 2012 AFC Championship game is being met with severe rebuke.

"Steven Tyler far more obscene than Janet Jackson's t*tty," Fox Sports columnist Jason Whitlock Tweeted of the rendition, comparing it to another famous, scandalous moment in NFL playoff lore.

Was the song really that abysmal? Decide for yourself:

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Steven tyler is the best, I know im late on commenting, but whoever reads this, should be thanking me, it was epic, but it wasnt a fail. Besides ever since me and my friend listened to this, everytime we hear the national anthem, we do the fumble, and the ASS BOMBS BURSTING IN AIR! Lol


Steven Tyler is a rocker he has a one of a kind voice i love his music i think he is great at everything he does .


He didn't know the words. Once again hollywood spits in my face.


I thought he was awesome!! He is a rocker dude and thats what they got. If they wanted Harry Connick Jr., they should have got him. This was heart felt and Steven at his best. Rock on!!!


uhm uhm what?


I liked it. He was himself. To knock him is not to recognize true talent.Steven just keep being yourself.


I think he did an awsome job!


He is Steven being Steven he's a rocker! What do u expect? He's not a crooner and to compare him to a nip slip is plain stupid!


Yeah he sang it his own way, but it fucking sucked. Seriously, his voice killed me. Aerosmith WAS good, but after seeing this i'm definitely not looking forward to the new album. He sounded terrible, and it wasn't the WAY he sang it it was his voice.. it was horrible. Nails on a chalkboard, but worse.


Wanna talk about epic failure? Did you see the missed field goal??