South Carolina Republican Debate: Schizo Crowd Cheers Lots of Harsh Sound Bites!

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Jon Huntsman may have gotten out just in time.

In front of by FAR the most raucous crowd of any Republican debate held thus far, the five remaining GOP hopefuls squared off in South Carolina last night.

Ostensibly, everybody not named Mitt Romney angled to knock the frontrunner off his pedestal. In reality, it became a game of rhetorical one-upmanship.

The crowd cheered their support of U.S. soldiers urinating on dead Afghan bodies and their condemnation of the Obama administration’s condemnation of it.

Newt Gingrich earned a standing ovation for this quote: “Andrew Jackson knew what to do with his enemies - he killed them.” How professorial he can be.

Even Romney, the most vanilla of all candidates, got into the act, saying “The right thing for Osama bin Laden was the bullet in the head that he received.”

No one here's missing Osama, but really Mitt?

The audience then jeered Ron Paul for suggesting that “we should practice the Golden Rule in foreign policy.” Nice to see we boo NOT bombing people.

The yelled their approval of Rick Perry saying America should “go to zero on foreign aid.” They booed Juan Williams for questioning Newt's big janitor idea.

The South Carolina primary has a reputation for being a bloodbath, and last night's rancor showed why. Just imagine if this race were in any way close.


Well Blacks and Liberals are in full swing in the 3rd Week of January. If your a Republican then your Racist. Not just the Tea Party. They run Newt over the Coals for saying Blacks would be better off working than on Welfare! Then comes Obama not wanting the Pipeline. The Weak- the big Hurdle will be to overcome those who will Label you Racist if you vote Republican! You can bet your ASS this will be the message. Juan Williams should have been Booed!


Americans are pissed and South Carolina is just the tip of the iceberg. Our national debt is the highest we've ever seen. The marines are catching crap because of urinating on dead bodies. I've seen ours come home in body bags, if at all. The economy is tanked along with unemployment. I don't like any of my choices in the presidential election. Gays shoud have rights as much as the rest of us. I love my guns and was mad when Obama raised the tax on ammo. I'm fine with welfare for people that NEED it. Healthcare for everyone is great in theory, we pay off our butts for higher premiums, lower services. It's ridiculious.


Yes-Romney should be ashamed! I'm guessing if we could have just asked Osama over for Cake & Ice Cream we could have gotten it all squared away! This is why they travel from State to State so you can see the "Beefs" that people have.I hope Hollywood doesn't Represent California either! We send Soliders over to kill the Enemy! Yet- lets not talk ill of them. Piss on them? Blame them? That's like saying all Muslums are Terrorist! This Political Correct Fucked up Nation is Strangling us! You people are looking for Perfection in a Politician when you would be lucky just to have consistency. Meanwhile look at what you have in the Whitehouse today!


that crowd was selected like roses out of a garden. So we boo the only candidate that wants peace, stick to the constitution and use the golden rule? I hope this crowd doesn't represent the rest of SC.


Go away Gingrich! Go away far!!!!

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