South Carolina Primary Results: Newt Gingrich Upsets Mitt Romney, Shakes Up GOP Race

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Mitt Romney was likely never as much of a lock as the mainstream media seems to believe, but Saturday's South Carolina primary results still came as a surprise.

Newt Gingrich rose from the political ashes for the second time with two strong debate performances this week and pulled off an unlikely win in the Palmetto State.

With 40 percent of the vote to Mitt's 27, and nearly all precincts reporting, Newt won big and turned the fluid Republican presidential race on its head once again.

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Only a week ago, Romney seemed likely to win all three of the initial contests, a scenario that would have put him on a relatively clear path to the nomination.

But with Thursday’s announcement that Rick Santorum actually won Iowa, followed by today's results, Romney is now a front-runner who has lost two of three.

The result marked a swift, extraordinary turnaround in Gingrich’s fortunes, after he finished well out of the top three in both Iowa and New Hampshire.

So maligned was his candidacy that Newt himself had conceded his campaign might be over for good by tonight if he failed to turn in a strong performance.

He did turn in such a performance, and as such, the quest to represent the GOP against President Barack Obama in November is quite far from over.

This marks the first time that three different Republican candidates have won the first trio of contests in what has been an unpredictable race from the start.

Since 1980, every South Carolina GOP primary winner has gone on to win the nomination, but whether Gingrich can continue that streak is far from certain.

Romney has by far the most formidable financial resources and organization, giving him a big edge Florida, which holds its primary January 31, and beyond.

Santorum finished third and Ron Paul fourth in South Carolina. The candidates square off in a debate once again Monday night in Tampa. Stay tuned ...


The reality is we have an economy in real trouble and we can't risk a wildcard like Ron Paul or Newt Gingrich right now, no matter how great those guys might be. We need to buckle down and be real. Elect the man who has proven for 25 years he knows how to turn around broken economies. Elect Mitt Romney.




Ron Paul is a joke. His foreign policy ideas are dangerously naive


Everyone knows Ron Paul is liked by young folk becuz young folk r naive and simplistic, just like him.




Ron Paul has Great Fiscal Ideas, and would be a great leader for replacing the health care bill, BUT he is NOT a PRESIDENT. Sorry. In a Perfect World, maybe, but this is not a perfect world and the United States of America still needs to Hold the Big Stick...Just the Way it is!


Seriously, If people knew anything or cared they would vote Ron Paul. They will care in 8 years when other countries wont even take the American dollar as a currency anymore because we have destroyed it. What makes America great is that the best Constitution ever written in the history of the planet is ours, and people don't even know what it says anymore... We disgrace our founding fathers by these politicians who have been bought and sold by the real rulers of this country, the corporations and the lobbyists that work for them.


If people had any idea what they were doing, Newt, Mitt and Rick would split 1% of the vote and Ron Paul would take the left over 99%


Good for HIM and I loved the way he Spoke well of the other 3.

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