South Carolina Primary Results: Newt Gingrich Upsets Mitt Romney, Shakes Up GOP Race

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Mitt Romney was likely never as much of a lock as the mainstream media seems to believe, but Saturday's South Carolina primary results still came as a surprise.

Newt Gingrich rose from the political ashes for the second time with two strong debate performances this week and pulled off an unlikely win in the Palmetto State.

With 40 percent of the vote to Mitt's 27, and nearly all precincts reporting, Newt won big and turned the fluid Republican presidential race on its head once again.

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Only a week ago, Romney seemed likely to win all three of the initial contests, a scenario that would have put him on a relatively clear path to the nomination.

But with Thursday’s announcement that Rick Santorum actually won Iowa, followed by today's results, Romney is now a front-runner who has lost two of three.

The result marked a swift, extraordinary turnaround in Gingrich’s fortunes, after he finished well out of the top three in both Iowa and New Hampshire.

So maligned was his candidacy that Newt himself had conceded his campaign might be over for good by tonight if he failed to turn in a strong performance.

He did turn in such a performance, and as such, the quest to represent the GOP against President Barack Obama in November is quite far from over.

This marks the first time that three different Republican candidates have won the first trio of contests in what has been an unpredictable race from the start.

Since 1980, every South Carolina GOP primary winner has gone on to win the nomination, but whether Gingrich can continue that streak is far from certain.

Romney has by far the most formidable financial resources and organization, giving him a big edge Florida, which holds its primary January 31, and beyond.

Santorum finished third and Ron Paul fourth in South Carolina. The candidates square off in a debate once again Monday night in Tampa. Stay tuned ...


They will take a voters card instead of photo ID. Last year they rezoned all districts for the millionth time and several hardworking americans could not cast their vote after work. The employer let them leave, but they traveled to the wrong polling place. I'm waiting to see what happens in Florida.


***@67- what you were saying about Virginia needs to be heard. I can believe it. Then there was the Black Panther Party standing outside of Polling Places trying to use Intimidation. They were about to be charged when Eric Holder stepped in and demanded the case be dropped. That same Attorney General-Holder wants to block States from requiring Photo ID. I'm old enough to have Grandkids and was asked to show my ID to buy a Beer at a Sporting event last month. But- You don't need an ID to vote? There will be LOTS of Video Recorders Filming outside Polling Places this Year in my State by Citizens. Hopefully others will do the same.


@67- If you think about it Iowa-New Hampshire-S.Carolina are like Venus Mars and Neptune. The People-Culture are totally different. To me all it shows is that all of them are bringing something to the Table. I don't think this is a situation using a Football Example-" If you have 2 Quarterbacks that split time " then neither are going enough to start. I don't think that is the case with the top 3 winning 3 different states. If Romney wins in Florida then Newt is in trouble. I would like to think that these 4 guys are coming together slowly. Many Southern States went Democrat last time that won't do it again this time- no matter who gets the bid. Paul will not get Texas- that much I know. We will no for sure once they lay tracks out west. Romney has got to get more appealing to the Public- Agressive.


@Reed... I will do before football starts. Go back to other thing we were commenting on, have something to tell you.


@67- If you have time- Go to YouTube and type in " Fall of the Republic" click on Obamas Picture- its long but the beginning is good along with most of the Rest. Im thinking we are all on the end of a string.


@ Leo-I do trust you. I'm not sure if this Country is miserable enough yet. The process of dogging each other is part of the Game. The Swords Hiliary & Obama pulled out we're a heck of a lot worse from what I remember. They are getting their licks in now- but as Newt talked last night he admitted the other 3 have a lot to offer. You looking for perfect? You'll be Dissapointment. People need to remember- the run is 4 years and that's a long time to be Miserable. If he gets another term all I can tell you is -Lock your Shit up- Lock & Load Up then Lawyer up cause there will be some desperate Son of a Bitches out there.


That T-bone comment.... I'm shocked Newt won. It seems Republicans are divided on which candidate would best represent their party.


Dare I say it!!
The doers don't talk, and the "negative tongued" talkers usually don't do. Oh Yes, they get the attention and they cater to the ears that want to hear that olde southern drawl of belittling others, but to make a long opinion even longer, *brace yourself because Next year
this time President Barack Obama and his family will still be the occupants of The White House. Newt and his plastic trophy wife and Mitt and his millions will be yesterday's News. Trust Me!!


@ it's all 4 you 67- All 4 U! Ha!


WTF took u??? Hahahahaha. Smackdown at the Florida debate, damn their all ready to throwdown.

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