Source: Rihanna Totally Wants Chris Brown Back!

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Rihanna and ex-boyfriend Chris Brown have not only let bygones be bygones, she is actively looking to win him back! According to a tabloid source, anyway.

Publicly, they are expected to come face to face at the Grammys on February 12, but sources say that the former couple is already spending time together!

"Not only has she initiated a Twitter conversation with Chris for all to see, but she has gone to see him," an insider close to Chris dishes to Life & Style.

Of Rihanna, the source adds: "She stopped by Chris' studio to see him recently - twice. She's also calling and texting him a lot. She won't let go."

Rihanna and Chris Photo

Rihanna, 23, ended their relationship in early 2009 for obvious reasons after Chris Brown, 22, was charged with assaulting her after a pre-Grammy Awards party.

Time has healed those wounds - physical and otherwise - however. This latest report is the latest of several suggesting Rihanna and Chris may get back together.

"She's trying to break up Chris and his girlfriend, [Karrueche Tran]," says the source. "Chris is happy, but Rihanna keeps playing her games to make trouble."

"It's really become an issue lately."

Chris and Karrueche Tran have reportedly been dating since 2010. Rih dated Matt Kemp for a year and has been linked to a host of others, but not seriously.

What do you think: Should Rihanna and Chris get back together?



I think that everyone thinks that Rihanna is a saint. I think that she used Cris from the beginning as a publicity stunt due to low record sales at the time. He was the sacrifice for her career boost.Now that she is doing well with her music, she wants to reconnect again. I'm not saying that what happened with Cris was ok, but we only ever knew her side of the story. Cris should really beware. She's a bitch in sheep's clothing. Don't be stupid again Cris.


She's a sucker for punishment.


Are u CRAZY? Once a women beater ALWAYS,maybe u 4got the way yourpretty face looked like? Donot be a PUNCHING BAG AGAIN


@Pinky, and neither is the education you received.


I don't know if this is true but i love and always will love you.Good luck with any decisions you take in your precious life.


Are you fucking retarded?! This bitch deserves to get her ass beat if she's stupid enough to go back to him. What a dumb cunt.


Personally, I could never trust someone after they were physically abusive towards me so it's hard to understand what Rihanna is thinking here... But I guess if these kids give it a second go, no amount of opposition in the world is going to stop them. So I hope if they get back together, it goes better the second time, I guess...


Thanks for the catnip invitation of commenting on this toxic relationship, but have decided to just sign off on this madness. PEACE!!




Whatever makes you ppl think that???? Did Riri or CB admit to that??? Lets not assume things!!!

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