Sienna Miller: Pregnant!

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Sienna Miller is expecting her first child.

The actress, whose on-and-off relationship with Jude Law has made for some major tabloid fodder over the years, has reportedly been knocked up by Tom Sturridge, her boyfriend since early 2010.

Tom Sturridge and Sienna Miller

Despite the news, a source tells Us Weekly the couple doesn't "have plans right away to marry, if at all."

The insider adds that Miller's "friends are really happy with her relationship with Tom" because he's "mature and he's a good guy," a not-so-veiled diss of Law, who famously cheated on Sienna in 2006 with his children's nanny.

Miller and Sturridge announced the pregnancy to family members and pals in London over the holidays and then took a vacation in Paris, this mole says, concluding simply: "They're really good together."

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ehr...broken homes?well as we aaaaall know nobody ever gets a divorce once they're married;)!?!? you stupid git!!!


Congratulations, Tom and Sienna!! Make Robsten your baby's godparents!!


@ New User - Research your facts ... Miller is half-American. I am certainly no fan of hers but it may be wise to remind you that we are living in 2012 and also that there are millions of children whose parents were married and are now divorced. May I ask you how you are a great authority on what is going to happen to their relationship? You never know, it may last.


"so bloody European" America has a FAR larger percentage of unmarried mothers and single parent families. Ignorance in it's extreme...


how bloody together not married then getting pregnant...go ahead & make your contribution to the world of broken families!! You're no one special just because you've starred in a bunch of movies...and then what your baby daddy's gonna run away before you give birth???

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