Will Harry Potter Earn an Oscar Nomination? Warner Brothers Lobbying Hard For Franchise

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The final Harry Potter movie marked the end of an era this summer, and Warner Brothers is trying to punctuate the epic saga's conclusion with an Oscar blitz.

A series of "For Your Consideration" ads have been released with the intention of lobbying voters to nominate Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2.

Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King won Best Picture, so Warner Bros. certainly has a chance to gain some critical recognition for the franchise.

Here's the latest ad the Academy should ignore at its peril:

Considering the impact it has on the film world, awards in some of the many applicable categories seem likely, but only time (and voters) will tell.

Will the marketing push succeed? Should it? You tell us ...

Should Harry Potter be nominated for Best Picture?

Bob sodervick

It should be nominated but DiCaprio, Eastwood and Black set the bar high for Oscar challengers in J. Edgar.


I'm rather surprised they are still trying after the failure at the SAG's and GG's. These ads are wonderful but they lack the main component that is Oscar Bait - Alan Rickman's Snape. There is not one glimpse of him here. I love these ads though; they help me relive the thrilling nature of HPDH2. I simply loved every frame of that move

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