Shannon De Lima: Dating Marc Anthony!

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It really doesn't take beautiful famous people long to move on.

With Jennifer Lopez getting hot and heavy with Casper Smart, we can now confirm that Marc Anthony has also found himself a new love interest: Venezuelan model Shannon De Lima.

Marc Anthony in Concert

How can we be so certain? Because Anthony isn't doing anything to hide the relationship, posting a Tweet to De Lima today that translates to: "To Shannon, my status of liberty. Kisses baby!" 

Anthony's son, Chase, meanwhile, did his dad one better. The young one Tweeted: "To all my followers and all Twitter peeps, follow the best couple of 2012 and for many for years Marc Anthony and Shannon De Lima!"

There you have it.

UPDATE: Anthony has posted the following picture of himself and De Lima to Facebook. It's almost like he wants a certain someone to know he's dating again, isn't it?
Marc Anthony and Shannon de Lima



Who would want to date that UNSHAVEN jerk but her. He would look cleaner if he spilled mustard and catchup on his shirt and tie to go along with his shaggy looks


Antony's son Chase???? huh??? his sons names are Ryan and Christian??? WTFF??? get your facts straight !


Seems like he just wants to show the world that he can do what J-Lo can. Unfortunately it only makes him look like a fool. Bad taste, bad move...


J Lo and Marc were a great couple. j now not go at all well with Casper. and I think the same thing about Marc. we see in the future! only well


Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony formed a couple of exceptions! No one should end their relationship


he's nasty and old what is wrong with young girls today


Is it just me or does this chick look a bit like JLo? well from
This angle at least...but this behavior is kind of like what some teens do (showing off their new "love" too make it seem like, loook!! I'm so over you!!!) well idk If he is over her, then he shouldnt really need to rub it in her face, same for JLo. Idk just seems like it to me and I notice exes tend to date their expartner look alikes. Just my opinion.


i think there is nothing stronger than a marriage with god in it, especially if there's kidz,to mark n j-lo if there is love forget everything n everyone,,,,don't u rather live like a fam than having different baby mama's n daddy's....hope u 2 reconcile!!!!!and be happy for ur kidz who r ur future.that's my way of thinking,"unless there is no luv" other wise don't hurt each other what goes on in ur home goes on u kive n forget....but once it's out it's out.....n that could hurt in the long run.....

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