Seven Rules For Dating Bachelorette Emily Maynard

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Emily Maynard has been confirmed as The Bachelorette, a full six months before the summer premiere and well before filming has even begun on the new season.

While ABC has not officially announced that the 26-year-old North Carolinian will star on the show, it's been reported by People, EW, E! News and numerous others.

It's happening, and the casting was likely leaked early on purpose.

That's because Emily Maynard is a different kind of Bachelorette, and guys had better know what they're in for. Here's a little tip sheet for prospective suitors ...

E. Maynard
  • Ricki, Ricki, Ricki. Maynard and her 6-year-old daughter, are incredibly close. So much show that production is moving to their hometown of Charlotte, N.C. Any fellas coming on The Bachelorette are really wooing two women.
  • The past matters. Maynard lost her fiance, NASCAR driver Ricky Hendrick, at age 19. Days after Ricky's death, Maynard learned she was pregnant. She named their only child after him, and remains close to his family.
  • The more recent past matters. While it didn't work out with Brad Womack after The Bachelor, he and Maynard are still close. Womack "taught me that I have it in me to love again," Emily said. "He's always going to be a part of my life."
Emily Maynard, Brad Womack Pic
  • Image matters. As a mother, Emily is not likely to be sexualized or over-the-top in her pursuit of a good time on the show. Guys should act accordingly.
  • Patience is a priority. A beautiful Southern belle, Maynard can find a date any time she wants, but a lasting relationship is a different story. Any potential mate must be prepared that this courtship will be an unconventional one.
  • No douchebags please. Seriously, as offensive as Bentley Williams was on Ashley Hebert's season, a return by that ass clown would be 10 times worse.
  • Hope you like Charlotte. It's a vibrant, booming city. One you're likely to live in for a long time if you want to be with Emily. Just saying.
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She's probably the most fake "Bachelorette" out there. This woman acts like an innocent mother but she's nothing but - excuse my language - a big WHORE.


I don't think anyone is going to last long before she kicks them to the curb, I think she is only in love with the camera and herself, just sayin


How come none of those guys can see thru her, she is a dam whore, she pretends to be something shes not, all sweet and inocent, but on the other hand, she kisses all those guys and tells them all the same things, shes a whore in disguise, nasty bitch!!!


She is a dam whore....she has even dated some of his friends of nascar!!


Is anyone missing that fact that she was engaged at 19???? so this is acceptable..? and had a child at that age?.. I think this single mother should get an education from the first round of money she made from the shows instead of whoring herself out on television again so her daughter will not walk in the same footsteps.


emily is nt ready 4 a relationshp she is jst wasting those guys time


I am not convinced that love can be found on a reality show


Love Emily...sounds like all the negative comments are probably coming from insecure...jealous and unhappy people. I hope Emily finds true love...she absolutely deserves it. I personally think the t.v. ratings will be at the highest yet since Trista. I will definately be glued to the show. Great job picking Emily as the next Bachelorette ABC!!!!!!


Emily, I wish you the best on you serach for the right man. I love Charlotte. My son and family lives an hour north in Statesville and my husband is from Pinehurst/Carthage. I will definatly watch your show...


I loved Emily on The Bachelor. She is a real sweet heart. I don't think she is doing this for the fame. I have to guess that the show offered her a ton of money. I was once a single mother and I know that a mother will do whatever it takes to provide for her children. I think Emily is thinking about what she can provide for her daughter with the paycheck she will earn from this show. That is not bad, that is natural behavior for a mother.