Selena Gomez on Passion of Beliebers: It's All Good!

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Selena Gomez has received numerous death threats from misguided Justin Bieber fans who apparently don't want their favorite singer to be happy.

Is the artist scared in the moment sometimes, when such nasty messages are sent her way? We'd have to believe so. But asked about her boyfriend's enthusiastic supporters during an interview with Baltimore radio station Z104.3 this week, the 19-year-old came across quite mature and understanding.

"It's a little odd, but I understand it completely," Selena said. "It's amazing to me to see how many passionate fans there are. So obviously, you've just got to think of the fans first, and that's okay."

Gomez and Bieber both rang in 2012 from Times Square, with the former belting out a performance as soon as the clock struck midnight.

Selena admits it's "kind of" annoying that she and her young man can't share the same fans, but added it's "kind of cool we have our own individual [fans]."

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how FEELINGLESS peoples you are..
You are not true to yourself then how you expect that that girl is do every thing right?
Look at miley (dumbass)..selena is best than know why? Bcause..selena is true to her fans..
Ok.. You are such a fake peoples
just think again


justin bieber i love you so much and you are mine not for the stupid bitch selena ,selena go back to taylor lautner idio


Im askin a question..if u cant answr that then shut the fuck up


are you dating justin biber


She's 19 and how old is JB??


Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber really do make a fine couple, no matter what the Bieb fans think. Besides, it's their first year anniversary together.


d:ont scared selena any time any where i be with you bye my love


BIG FAN of jb and selena so happy they are still toether through all this drama the thing i dnt gt is jb hd GFs before he ws famous nd hs been wif alot of girls y would some1 nt b happy 4 dem theyre like the cutest couple ever nd u no hw boys get wif out the attention of a girl like hormone crazy lol nah bt hes always been taken y would his fans think they hve a chance wif him (if ur ugz u hve 0chance nil) even though, he'ld never choose some1 dat prases the lord to make jb ur boyfriend that will like creepie its like totally impossible he probably doesnt even no ur name y would he wont a stalker fan of his totally not cool love jayjay xoxo


If you forgot how to spell her name. You are not only pathetic but also stupid. And i mean stupid in a slow to learn way. Love both of them though. If you don't, well, your headache


I love Selena and Justin! I find it stupid that any of his fans would hate on her. She is very sweet and makes Justin happy. That's all that really matters. He does so much for his fans and he deserves to be in a relationship without his "fans" trying to ruin it. Im a true belieber. I'll support Justin with or without her. And if you dont, then you never will and never will be a real fan.

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