Selena Gomez on Passion of Beliebers: It's All Good!

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Selena Gomez has received numerous death threats from misguided Justin Bieber fans who apparently don't want their favorite singer to be happy.

Is the artist scared in the moment sometimes, when such nasty messages are sent her way? We'd have to believe so. But asked about her boyfriend's enthusiastic supporters during an interview with Baltimore radio station Z104.3 this week, the 19-year-old came across quite mature and understanding.

"It's a little odd, but I understand it completely," Selena said. "It's amazing to me to see how many passionate fans there are. So obviously, you've just got to think of the fans first, and that's okay."

Gomez and Bieber both rang in 2012 from Times Square, with the former belting out a performance as soon as the clock struck midnight.

Selena admits it's "kind of" annoying that she and her young man can't share the same fans, but added it's "kind of cool we have our own individual [fans]."

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n hey! u mis stupid litle sunshine . how mean . n look beliebers r not mean they just wnt 2 take biebs 2 right way.


n hey! u mis stupid litle sunshine . how mean ,only alone u make twitter stupidly intresting...


n hey! u mis stupid litle sunshine . how mean ,only alone u make twitter stupidly intresting...
love jb


hey! biebs hope u reading this. i wnt 2 see u happy bt selena is not a nice person she only wnt publicity.just leave her


I need those mean ass belibers back..they sure as hell made twitter interesting..


Think people should leave Selena alone her and Justin are such a cute couple :-) xxx


Awwww....such a cute cupple!
Oh hey selena if ur reading this...(probably not) could you and demi pwease start makeing those videos again they were so awsome! And it suck the 2 people that I worship (demi & selena) don't even know I exsist... :-( but anyways I luv ya!!! I miss ur awsome show (wowp) disneys know use now that its gone!




i think selena i pretty awsome your the best and justin i'snt that bad


hi selena i love u song so mach and i love u so much and can u give me u phone so i can call u and get more in infor becus i am witing a book about u and my is argane u friend my numder is 2065687309 love u