Second Casey Anthony Video Diary Surfaces

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A second Casey Anthony video diary has evidently surfaced online. In this one, she has the same short hair, but darker locks, different glasses and a pierced nose!

So edgy!

The full diary hasn't been posted, but a seven-second tease has, by a woman who also posted stills of it on Twitter. The full video is less than two minutes long.

Casey Anthony Video Diary Pic

Casey supposedly makes no mention of the infamous trial in which she was acquitted of killing her young daughter Caylee, or of Caylee herself, for that matter.

It's unclear how the Casey Anthony video diaries (plural) leaked online, whether she was behind their release, where she filmed them, and how many there are.

"This is the first of many, and I'm looking forward to this," Casey said in her first video, which is definitely her. "It's a little scary, because I hate being on camera."

Check out a snippet of Anthony's latest video diary (below):


She will get whats coming to her!!!


You've got to be kidding Casey. You did it and you got off. Shame on you! Now that you've posted yourself as a blonde on TV you still look the same except for the goofy glasses you're wearing. You have a nerve going on TV. The entire country can't stand you.


looks like she's wearing her ''disguise'' in the video. glad she's revealing what she looks like now so maybe when she steps out on the street she'll get sum good ol vigilante street justice! SHUT DA FCK UP BABY KILLER NOBODY CARES WHAT U HAV 2 SAY...N KARMAS A BTCH UR GONA GET URS!


Please stop giving this famewhore baby killer any more attention! Im sure theres actual celebrities you can report about.


oh yeah nobody can see me --right?? wrong who did u pay to do this...


It was said it was part of therapy and she didn't mean to grab attention. I think that's true because surely she knew how incendiary "the first time i had something to truly call my own" on first tape would be.