Second Casey Anthony Video Diary Surfaces

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A second Casey Anthony video diary has evidently surfaced online. In this one, she has the same short hair, but darker locks, different glasses and a pierced nose!

So edgy!

The full diary hasn't been posted, but a seven-second tease has, by a woman who also posted stills of it on Twitter. The full video is less than two minutes long.

Casey Anthony Video Diary Pic

Casey supposedly makes no mention of the infamous trial in which she was acquitted of killing her young daughter Caylee, or of Caylee herself, for that matter.

It's unclear how the Casey Anthony video diaries (plural) leaked online, whether she was behind their release, where she filmed them, and how many there are.

"This is the first of many, and I'm looking forward to this," Casey said in her first video, which is definitely her. "It's a little scary, because I hate being on camera."

Check out a snippet of Anthony's latest video diary (below):


The sight of this sick crazy bitch just makes my blood boil and my stomach turn. She doesn't deserve a second chance at a normal life.


Eh.. I totally forgot she even existed. As for the case, no one really knows if she killed her daughter or not, only she knows for sure. Even if she did, and she yelled out in front of everyone in the world that she did, they can't put her through trial again anyway. So just let it be. It's a shame that a murder gets to live out the rest of her life free, but the world is all kinds of messed up lately.


@sweety cake how can you say God doesn't like ugly???? We are all made in Gods image so how can God discriminate ugly??? Sure God doesn't like sin but that could be said in different words!!!! And besides there is no clear evidence that she killed her daughter. Why do you think she's free??? So technically heck no one can judge her except God!!!!!!

Sweety cake

that bitch will see what she getz. it wont be pretty and it wont be nice. god dont like ugly and she is ugly inside and out. shez a stupid bitch and she dont needz to be put in jail, she needz to be put on the list of death penalty. how could u do that to that baby? she was so beautiful. she did nuthin wrong to u. all becuz u wanted to go out and party u killed that baby. ur a bitch and u will get urz. god will get u for what u did.


Something to call ur own! Wow ur a physco! What about ur baby she was ur own flesh and blood and u killed her!!! Ur pc and camera seem more of importance then ur child god rest her little soul! Ur a scumbag and the jury will face god just like u!!! Its sad that now children are coming up missing from baby lisa to the little girl ayla from maine because parents think then can kill there kids and get away wit it like u did!! Rip caylee! Rip baby lisa rip ayla from maine! U taught ppl that are sick like u its ok to kill ur child and get away with it u should be real proud of urself u sick bitch!!!!!!! Only good thing out of this that caylee will never have to see ur face as she is in heaven and u are going to hell!!! Caylee is and always will know her mommy was her killer! Shame on the jury. wait casey the killer karma is coming!!!


The sight of her face literally makes me sick to my stomach.
I watched just a few seconds of her first video and had to turn it off. So congratulations to the jurors that sat on her trial. This is the devil that you set free.


casey you are so wrong and still cant believe you got off. you were such a two faced bitch in the courtroom when your lawyers wasnt around you smirked and grinned. I truly believe you did kill your daughter and you will get yours. Gods wrath!@ you killed one of his children. you need to just dissapear!!!!!!!!!


whats with the kate +8 hairr do?


Karma is a bitch !!!! Don't come to Australia we hates baby killers too !!! To do what you did to your child and lie your way out of it, we could all see how you acted when the jury was out of the room and how you changed when they were there, you should of been a actor instead of a baby killer !! I think your doing this diary to get people sucked into seeing you and then you will sell your story, please people don't get sucked in its all about money for her and how she can get it. At the end of the day she KILLED her child !!!! Didn't you Casey


this is 2012 less leave casey murdered her child anthony back in 2011 she had her 10 minutes of fame. the gavel was pound so leave her behind. no more, no more