Second Casey Anthony Video Diary Surfaces

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A second Casey Anthony video diary has evidently surfaced online. In this one, she has the same short hair, but darker locks, different glasses and a pierced nose!

So edgy!

The full diary hasn't been posted, but a seven-second tease has, by a woman who also posted stills of it on Twitter. The full video is less than two minutes long.

Casey Anthony Video Diary Pic

Casey supposedly makes no mention of the infamous trial in which she was acquitted of killing her young daughter Caylee, or of Caylee herself, for that matter.

It's unclear how the Casey Anthony video diaries (plural) leaked online, whether she was behind their release, where she filmed them, and how many there are.

"This is the first of many, and I'm looking forward to this," Casey said in her first video, which is definitely her. "It's a little scary, because I hate being on camera."

Check out a snippet of Anthony's latest video diary (below):


Surprised someone nutty than she hasn't snuck up and shivved her yet.


This is great all you tabloid reading, fruits. This is what she wants; -) and apparently all of you too. This is not educational material its gossip, so get over yourselves. And to Ms. Anthony get rid of the nose ring. Loving it all from the darker side.


This HO needs to GO. I cant believe she can kill her baby abd then be allowed to be out and possibly do it again. I am sure those arent the only piercings that video will be later. Get her out of here


What a disgusting bitch...doesnt like being on camera? haha seriously...hopefully when karma comes knocking her lil camera will still be rolling so we can all enjoy watching that piece of shit get hers...its fucking disgusting.


By giving this murdering idiot any publicity at all and airing her self-made videos, the media is giving her exactly what she craves...recognition, notoriety, fame, the illusion that people care about her, the attention she's not getting from family and former friends and acquaintances, and a chance to escape her public exile. She should be totally ignored by the entire world. Short of being in prison or executed for killing her beautiful little child, and we all know she did it, that is the only punishment society has left for her. This kind of recognition and publicity makes me sick.


This girl hasn't changed not one little bit all she cares about is herself nothing more nothing less and when she freed from everything she return back to her life and get with child and kill that child as well. She is a very very dangerous person and better stay from having children in anyway shape or form because she simply scares me to death.


She makes me sick! I'm sorry, she got away murder!!!!! I
She needs some serious help !

Ms billie

That bitch must think everyone is as crazy as she is. She is behind all this shit just trying to keep herself in the media. She better be careful someone will track her dumb ass down doing all this shit. I don't wish death on anyone but I am totally disappointed she got away with killing her little girl. I'm also a firm believer in KARMA. It gives me peace that she will pay for taking the life of her baby. Rest assured little Caylee will see justice done.


Breaking news there is gonna be a casey anthony movie in the works and guess who will be playing casey brade pitts girlfriend.I Just heard it on huff post.


Little jimmy lying that a hacker is posting picture of casey online.She is the one doing it i'm sure of that.and claiming to be camera shy please.